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Bipolar agoraphobia social anxiety? help? headaches EVERY DAY

hi im bipolar and have agoraphobia with alot of anxiety. im on 0.5mg of clonazepam. im not doing great without them. any advice would a phycitrist be a better idea ? i also suffer from headaches every day since i was little. im also on zoloft but i dont think its helping and my dr doesnt listen to me help?
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You most DEFINITELY should have your conditions managed by a psychiatrist, especially because you have more than one, which makes treating you a bit more complicated.  If you had a heart condition, you would seek out a cardiologist...same thing goes for the noggin!

Let us know how you're doing!
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How long have you been on the Zoloft?  He may be seeing improvements you are not aware of.  Your physician is going to ask basic questions and give you about 10 minutes tops.  If you can get your symptoms written down and when he asks how you are be specific, he may hear you better.  He will adjust the meds based on your responses.  Maybe it is time to go up or you may not be responding well.  There are other meds he can try.  The process is long and arduous but will get better.  

How is your bipolar condition?  Is it better?  You are being treated for several issues with one basic medication in addition to the clonazepam.  Are you seeing a psychiatrist yet.  Medications and therapy need to go hand in hand to get better.  Anxiety classes are great but you may have difficulty doing them.  How is your support?

Try to break down each area of your symptoms


Create a journal to take with you to the doctor so that you both can see your progress through the month.

Be strong and positive!  You can beat this!  Good luck to you and God be with you.
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ive been on the zoloft 200mg for 2 months and bupropion 75mg twice a day for a month and a half. no psychiatrist yet. my doc says i should see one. also he wont raise my clonazepam dosage even though ive told him sometimes they dont work. my bipolar well i think im becoming more aggressive. sayin mean things without thinking.
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agoraphobia social anxiety not really improving and still hate when people watch me do everyday things and i dont leave the house much also fear of all the people and cars.
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support is there from some but not from my family. my bf has support but doesnt fully get it. ty
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With you there some days.  Controlled exposure is always good.  Do as much as you can, survive it, then do a little more the next time.
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You really need for all of them to understand that you can't always help how you are and help them understand your anxiety.  Couples sessions with your bf is a good idea too.  It will make all the difference in your relationship.  

You may also ask about Borderline Personality Disorder, I know it sounds terrible.  BPD can explain many of the things people do ( anger outbursts, relationship issues) not better explained by bipolar disorder.  Therapy is wonderful for understanding BPD and there are medications as resperidone or Abilify.  Both are also good for bipolar disorder.
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went to docs today and he yelled at me for a mistake he made
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he said a psychiatrist wouldn't really help me i guess. n i dont have health insurance. right now i took a clonazepam at 1pm and im feeling tierd but antsy. i had constant nightmares for years and now i have them but only remember bits and peices. i wonder sometimes why have a life if i cant live one. and people consider me weird quiet and crazy. i feel weird :-(
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have terrible anxiety at the moment is mirtazapine any good
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You're not weird.  Hang in there and work on one thing at a time.  Don't put too much stock into trying to analyze what your dreams mean.  I have bizarre dreams and just have learned to brush them off.  What you dream is not a reflection of who you really are.
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mine are nightmares with 2 main things im either running away from something or trying to save someone mostly children. i think alot so i cant brush them off. i try to figure it out.
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im falling apart crying cutting i feel like lifes pointless.
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