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Blood draw ---- reuse needles ? I am very worried ?

I am from Tamil nadu india . Recently went to lab to check my blood glucose level . They took 1ml of blood using syringe . I am not sure of nurse using the new syringe . When i asked her she said they always use new syringes .

But seeing somewhere else while she was taking the syringe .

Will they resuse the needle to draw blood .?

I am very worried because , they charge me only 20 RS to check my glucose level while the other labs cost me 30 to 50 rs and Myself testing using gulcometer costs 24 RS per test ?

Should i be worried ?

In India do they reuse needle ?
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I wouldn't be too concerned.  I'm not familiar with how things are handled in India but I would think that reusing needles is a big 'no  no' worldwide and the threat of lawsuits alone is a big enough incentive for any lab to do the right thing.
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I think you can say with certainty that no medical person in the world would re-use needles.
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In some areas of the world needles are sterilized after use in what is called an autoclave and re-sharpened. If the protocol is properly performed there is no hazard from re-using a needle.

Over the years the use of "one-time-use" needles has become the world-wide standard, as the expense of the needles has come down through improved manufacturing processes.

Years ago, when glass syringes were common, the barrels were always resterilized. Nowadays "one-time-use" plastic barrels are the norm.

The dangers of infection through using the same needle are now well known, and the chances are this did not happen.
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