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Blood pressure

Apart from doctor's medication,what herbal teas or pharmacy pills can I take to control my Bp?at th moment I'm not on any treatment as it is still stable,but I need something to keep it stable alwaes!
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Have you been diagnosed with hypertension?  What does your BP typically run?  How old are you?  Are you on any kinds of medications, and do you have any other health problems?  Do you have anxiety issues, being that you chose the anxiety forum to ask your question?

Treating high blood pressure can be tough, and a lot of times, it depends on the cause of the HTN as to what it would (or would not) respond to.  Hereditary HTN is much more difficult to treat than is HTN related to diet, activity level and weight for instance.

Can you share a bit more about your history?  It's a tough question to answer without more information.
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I have been diagonised with hypertension before,after my delivery,August 2013,..last time I went to the doctor 4months back it was about 113/154..my late father had hypertension,and I am 23years old.I am not in any kind of medication,the only medication I had was temporary,after I had a baby,just to keep my Bp stable.maybe yeah I cud say I have anxiety issues.
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Did the doctor say what the BP was attributed to?  Did you have pregnancy induced hypertension?  PIH?  

Are you overweight?  What's your diet and activity level like?
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You know meditation and yoga can truly help with blood pressure, its proven :)
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They said it was gestational hypertension,I don't know what's the diference,,I'm not overweight,I'm just slim.

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Thanks..I'll try that!
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That means it was pregnancy related.  You definitely want to work with your doctor, you may require medication.
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There are natural ways to control high blood pressure which are much safer to use than medication, but may not be strong enough if the situation is dire, which yours isn't.  However, I don't know anything about pregnancy caused high blood pressure, so I would suggest coordinating with your doctor and a naturopath to play it safe.  But Herb Pharm makes an excellent combination tincture for high blood pressure.  Hawthorn is the main herb for this, and it can also help with anxiety, but combinations work better.  And the person who recommended meditation and yoga is absolutely spot on, they have been proven to work with some people, as has exercise and dietary changes.  I would personally look into the natural ways of doing this, at least research them, as medication for high blood pressure, as with so much medication, can have consequences that are as bad as the high blood pressure, such as pulmonary problems.  Again, as always, we have to do our homework and then make a choice.
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