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Brain Zap / Dizziness / Lexapro

Hi Guys,

Since two weeks ago, I've been confronted already a few times with a sudden brain zap (or that is what I think people call them). It is a very scary feeling, that mostly after the brain zap, is followed by a period of lightheadedness and dizziness.

I discovered on the internet doing research that it is quite common for people that are dealing anxiety, especially if they are exiting their medication program. I am indeed under a treatment for anxiety using Lexapro 10 MG daily. But I am not stopping the meds and taking it every single day.

Now because this happened, I am walking around with the feeling like the lightheadedness is continuously sitting there and the brainzap can come any given time. Should I go get a check up for this?

In my daily routine I am frequently visiting the gym with an intensive program mixed with cardio and strength training. In big lines I do not have a problem there, and can complete everything properly. Ofcourse the fear of getting it during training is also there ongoing.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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When is this happening?  At the same time every day, or randomly?  I ask because if it's near the time of your next dose, it could be the drug is giving you withdrawal symptoms before you take your next dose.  This happens to some people, as most of these drugs only stay in the system a matter of hours.  
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Well Lexapro has a lifetime of 36 hours so the doses are overlapping each other. If I see the three times it happened it was more towards the afternoon, at the office. So I am trying to find out what possible triggers it. Maybe it is is caffeine, or just plain stress.

Thanks for your feedback!

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