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Brain problem after take medicine .

My doctor gave me medicind,but i'm not sure what type of medicine,after 2 year i have bad headache and overthinking and fear of everything.can you help me ?

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I'm sorry to hear this.  Are you thinking that you have developed anxiety because of the medicine?  It would really help to know what medicine it is and the dosage.  Look at your bottle or prescription record to tell you.  Let me know. Is your headache all the time?
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Hi there. i have a terrible thinking and fear . is this schizophrenia ?
What kind of medication did you take?

Have you talked to your doctor about it?
I don't know type of medecine i'm taking.he put in the plastic and give me without name.this medecine work by chang mood,after i withdrawal it i had bad headace and terrible thinking and fear of everything.is it sound like schizophrenia ?
No, this isn't schizophrenia.  I don't understand, did you see a medical doctor or an herbalist of some sort?  You say you had withdrawal, but a few pills in plastic don't seem like they would last very long.  How long did you take them for?  Why were you given them -- what were you complaining about at the time?  If this started only after you took the medication, or only after you stopped taking it, it was probably the medication, so you need to find out what you were taking.  The doctor should have a record of this, though we don't know what country you're in and what the laws are there.  There are medications used for emotional problems that can be very hard to stop taking, but usually you have to be on them for awhile for this problem to arise.  What you are describing are pretty classic severe withdrawal problems from abruptly stopping medication that affects brain neurotransmitters, but again, we don't know what the drug was or how long you took it for etc.  
i deveolped these symptom after i stop take those medicine. i fear of everything.i fear eating,fear drinking,fear touching,i think everything give me wost.could you please tell me,what is this ?
Look at your other post for my thoughts.
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