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Breastfeeding Mother Passing Out From Possible Anxiety

I have just started experiencing what I think might be anxiety. I passed out on my 5th day back to work after having my son. I still exclusively breastfeed my 6 month old. I am healthy, in shape, eat well, drink lots of water, take vitamins and am fairly active. To me it feels like an anxiety attack of sorts because it's happened before in a familiar situation. It's always when I am waiting or growing impatient. Waiting on a concert to begin, waiting in line at a store, waiting at work for a hearing screening to complete, and when I was pregnant, even waiting for myself to finish the dishes. It's like I get anxiety about something being over and start to get dizzy, loss of sight, and fear passing out which seems to mandate that I do pass out. But I don't feel what I define anxiety as. I'm not panicking about anything, worried, or nervous. It comes out of nowhere! When I feel coming on I get short of breath, my heart races, I start to sweat, feel lightheaded and then I'm down unless I can escape the situation I'm in and go somewhere and sit down and try to calm myself. When it happens I tell myself over and over "I'm fine, there's no reason I should feel this way. Just breathe." But it doesn't help. I'm more just scared that I may pass out and embarrass myself (which I have). I also have been extremely tired. Now that I passed out just the other day, I walk around thinking about passing out all the time and almost feel as though I make myself lightheaded. I am going to my doctor to get my vitamin levels checked, but I really feel like it has something to do with anxiety. It's really scary! I feel like I can just forget it ever happened to begin with i'll stop bringing it upon myself.
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You are describing classic anxiety symptoms.  Some call it panic attacks.  You feel trapped while in a situation that requires you to wait.  I have same problem.  Take clonazapam now, and symptoms are much less.  

You will get good advice on how to trick your mind out of that trapped feeling which brings on the panic.  Breathing and all is good, but afraid just too little too late by the time you have the feelings you describe.

I have friends who had children, continued to breast feed , then returned to managerial positions after maternity leave........and had no problems.  So I think you are in the right forum.  We are all wired differently.  You do need to see a therapist at the least so you can continue to work.  If you need medication, you won't be able to continue breastfeeding.  

At this point you have to focus on your well being.  Pregnancy is all about nurturing your child: same for early months with a helpless infant.  Time for mum to get help.
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