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Breathing Techniques - AMAZING remedy

I have moderate anxiety issues.  I feel it most often after a night that I drink alcohol.  I've been taking Vitamin B and C, fish oil, drinking tea, and exercising.  They all help somewhat but, I tried something today that was amazing.  I bought these Cd's from Dr. Andrew Weil (www.drweil.com) and the breathing techniques really helped relax me.  I woke up anxious this morning and played this cd.  I was completely relaxed afterward and have remained relaxed.  I've had the cd's for a while but never played them because I never really thought it would make much of a difference, but man, was I wrong.  

I just wanted to pass this along to everyone.  I know it's been mentioned on here before, but I just wanted to urge people who are like me and doubt it.  It really seemed to do wonders for me.  Try it.
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It's the optimum health cd.  It also has Jon-Kabat Zinn on it.  It's a 4 cd set.  Two are about meditation and the other two are on breathing.  I drink green tea.  I felt great after I did it.

It might be worthwhile seeing an endocrinologist to make sure there's not a physical cause for your anxiety.  Sometimes thyroid problems manisfest themselves in these ways.  I just read that on this forum recently and am going to get myself checked.  
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Which Cd did you get? I was looking at the web site you mentioned and he has several.
What Tea do you drink?
I take a multivitamin and try to drink fish oil (I cannot swallow med/large pills) each day.  
I am having problems getting a good nights sleep. I have hot flashes that wake me after 3 hours (face/neck/arms really hot and no sweating) and then I have trouble falling asleep (even after I use a wet cool cloth to cool my skin down), eventually I fall back asleep only to be woken again 1-2 hours later. I am averaging 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night.

I do not take medicine for sleeping. I have had very bad reactions to meds recently and I am too scared to take anything.

I am trying to solve this problem as naturally as I can.  By the morning hours (3am-5am) I start to have depressive thoughts/racing mind/internal shakes (anxiety?) which also doesn't help getting back to sleep.

I also get 'jittery' throughout the day and emotional (very sad). Comes and goes. I try to keep busy to take my mind off what I am feeling

I do not drink caffeine after supper (6pm), I usually take a short walk (20 min) after supper as I am trying to rebuild my weak muscles after being ill. I sometimes take a bath before bed and that help me fall asleep in the first place, but the hot flashes still wake me up. Not sure what is causing the hot flashes. The psychiatrist I saw does not due 'talk therapy' so recommened a therapist in the same practice. Which I see on Tuesday (was supposed to go last Thursday but she had the Flu).

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