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Bug crawling sensation

I'm not sure, but ever since the beginning of puberty (Started one day when I was 13.5 years old, I am now 20) I've had what I assume to be a neurological problem with what feel likes multiple different sensations on my head. A few of the sensations on my head include liquid moving on around my scalp, prickling sensations, biting sensations, vibrating sensations, etc. I have never seen anything moving around in my head and neither has anyone else so it is possible it is related to my severe anxiety/social anxiety disorder.
It is so hard to focus on anything in life (at times) because this sensation is almost always present. It never goes away and is basically a pain in the ass 24/7. Luckily there is no pain associated with this. I've noticed when I touch part of the temples in my upper forehead at the corners and also various parts of my head I can feel a stronger sensation appear (at times, not always). When my anxiety is worse than usual it seems more potent. I have had an MRI and nothing bad came of it, and I don't have any vitamin deficiencies. I take lexapro and it has not helped the issue and I take Xanax on occasion which may help sometimes(50/50).

I need advice because I want to get rid of this problem...
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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This sounds like it has been hard to deal with to say the least!  Have you ever heard of sensory processing disorder?  It's a nervous system issue and it involves the nervous system sending wrong signals and messages.  Wondering if that could be involved.  Your nerve endings sound overly active?  It's just your scalp? What happens if you massage it?
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Where on your head?  You don't say.  That anxiety makes it more potent doesn't mean it isn't something going on physiologically, anxiety can make us focus more on things but it doesn't mean the things aren't there.  Some of what you mention sounds like a circulatory problem, but it sounds like you've seen a neurologist for it.  Touching your temples is always sensitive to everyone, it's a softer area of the head.  No idea what's going on, but I have been a migraine sufferer, which involves problems with constricting and expanding blood vessels, and there were all kinds of odd sensations going on from that, so there might an explanation out there somewhere.  Or not.      
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