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Burning sensation in legs/body.. Anxiety?

This past summer I went to the ER twice in a matter of days as I had a fast heart rate, numbness, dizzyness, etc.. They ran a bunch of tests on me and found everything to be normal. I've been to the doctors since then and they've taken tubes of blood and tests came back normal as well. I've also been to a cardiologist twice in the last month because I constantly worried about my heart thinking it was WAY too fast at 100-120 beats per minute. That's when at rest to! They did an ultra sound, ekg, holter monitor..etc and found everything was normal. My doctor then told me he thinks it's my nervous personality/anxiety that is getting my heart rate up and keeping me paranoid..etc. I mean it seriously is the most uncomforable feeling in the world. I'm ALWAYS paranoid that I've got some illness. I'm constantly looking up symptoms online and when I find one I automatically think I have a problem..then I get scared and my heart starts to race..etc.
Lately I've had this fear of diabetes! First I had the fear of cancer, but now it's diabetes. im  always so paranoid and just because I have frequent urination Im all worried thinking I have it. And to top it off I've had burning sensations in my legs today for no apparent reason. It just feels like sunburn and I look at it and it's not scratcher or anything! Then I go back and think OMG this could be a sign of diabetes..so of course I get freaked out all over again.
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*continuing from what I previously said because it wouldn't let me finish the rest*

Anyways, I have three questions. 1. Does anxiety cause a burning sensation throughout your body? 2. Can regular blood tests tell if you have diabetes? I even was checked for billirubin *which is about the liver* and they told me everything was fine and I think your liver would be messed up if you had diabetes right? 3. Does anyone here that has anxiety attacks ever feel extremely weird and not real? I feel real but it just seems odd. Like I always think something is wrong with my head because I feel like im out of it but im not. Kinda misplaced feeling. It's just weird.

Also, I'm a 20 year old female. 5'1" 118, and am fairly active. Diabetes does not run in my family, nor does any other disease. Am I just being too paranoid?
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1. Does anxiety cause a burning sensation throughout your body?  yes, it can, and it can be extreme.  I get it all over.  even in my brain.  

2. Can regular blood tests tell if you have diabetes? I even was checked for billirubin *which is about the liver* and they told me everything was fine and I think your liver would be messed up if you had diabetes right?
The doctors must have checked me 8 times over the last 2 years for diabetes.  negative every time

3. Does anyone here that has anxiety attacks ever feel extremely weird and not real?
yep.  That is exactly how I feel most of the time.  and when I do not feel wierd it feels great, like My brain has just returned from a long holiday off somewhere.  and the problem is your trying to stop being wierd, but the anxiety makes you feel wierd.  wierd hey!!!
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Thanks for answering. :)

You're right about everything. My liver would pretty much have to be messed up as it relates to diabetes. lol also the weird feeling..it's like you are TRYING sooo hard to get back to normal but the more you try the more it doesn't help..I guess it's just gotta come back on it's own! I just gotta be positive.

Thanks again!
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That is all I have ever wanted and that is all any of us want.  Is just to be normal again.  I have a friend who is suffering depression, real bad.  

and she says to her husband every week, I just want to be normal again.

I just posted an article further up the page as well.  have a read if you want to.  

I am coming out the other side, without drugs, and am very proud of myself and hapy to be on the home stretch.

good luck, and god bless
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wow hockey we have like the exact symptoms except minus the burning pain, but my anxiety pains seem to be in my head, right wrist and sometimes chest. and as u already know i thought the really weird feeling was from a brain tumor. its crazy how one day ur having a good life everythings normal. then one day bam all this shyt just comes down on you, all sorts of pains and constant worry. i am still fairly new to this anxiety BS. and i cant wait to be normal again. does anybody know how the h3ll anxiety starts?
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Hi I have had panic attacks/anxiety for about 6 months now and in the past month they have gotten extremely worse. When i read your thing it felt like i was reading something i wrote.. i too am 20 yrs old and i weigh about 105. I lost weight due to the anxiety. I have been in and out of the doctor now for a month and like you , everything is normal. My symptoms feel like something is seriously wrong though and i also thought i had cancer, diabetes and everything else in the world! My symptoms consist of rapid heart rate, muscle stiffness, burning sensation through out my body, headaches, paranoia, tremors, numbness and tingling in my hands and arms,  shortness of breath, and a feeling like i am going to pass out.  I also have feeling out of no where that something is seriously wrong, its very scary and the whole thing has turned my life up side down! but i have good days or moments and they feel great i feel like my self again or normal....i guess just take one day at a time.
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i forgot to mention that i have problems with swallowing too but the doctors think thats also due to my anxiety...especially since i have a fear of choking.
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just want to say tht i too feel the same as you guys i am eighteen and it is all new to me too. I am finding it so hard to accept my symptoms are not serious and they are anxiety it is soooo difficult. I have been getting pulpatations and feeling like i am going to feint, pains ect Do u have to get tingling hands and that for it to be anxiety because i dont get things like that? Sorry Lol x
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My symptoms started back in Nov. '07.  My leg felt bruised sitting in my office chair.  Then eventually burning sensation went down left side of leg & now it runs through bottom, both legs & into feet.  Sometimes, I will have burning in my arms & hands & sometimes a tingling sensation in my face.  Very weird.  I've had extensive tests with a Neurologist (nerve/muscle testing) &  Neuroseurgeon (MRI's, bloodwork, you name it).They ruled out diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, anti-inflammatory diseases. My family Dr. is treating it as neuropathy.  However, after reading everyone's comments, I'm thinking it could very well be an extreme case of anxiety.  I had my first attack in Sept. '07.  My life has been very stressful since then.  They say stress does crazy things to your body.  I've been on different medications for nerve pain.  None have worked.  I have recently been put on Cymbalta.  I'll keep you posted to let you know if it calms the burning down.  I'm so ready for some relief.  
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I've been in and out of ER last week for high BP, fainting spells, and burning sensations in my leg, groin, and arm. They can be in one place, and then another, or in two places at once.  It's like someone took a just burnt match and placed it on my skin.  I can also get that sensation near my eyes.
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After reading some of your comments I think I may be able to go to sleep tonight.  My anxiety or panic attacks started a year ago.  I went on cymbalta and everything was ok.  Then this past april weird things started happening again.  Getting very dizzy burning sensation on the top of my head, tingling on the left side of my face, and it drives me insane.  I am constantly thinking that I am going to drop dead. I turn 30 on friday and i have two little girls, and all I want to do is watch them grow up.  I am tired of feeling this way and tired of doctors,  I have yet had any other tests done. Although I am going to just to rule out other ****, so when these sensations happen I can try to calm down. It just really ***** that I went to having a normal life a year ago and everything has turned upside down.  I am having a really hard time enjoying anything right now.  
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Hi Clean,

I can relate to what you're going through. About two months ago I felt the same way.  A LOT of burning sensations, thinking I'm going to die, panic attacks,  high BP, etc.  All the tests proved negative, but I passed out one day, and ended up in the hospital for eight days.

I too am on Cymbalta, as the psych Dr. wants me off of Ativan and Paxel.  Good luck to you, and don't give up.
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