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Buspar Prozac Adderall combo-anyone have experience with this?

I am prescribed 10MG Buspirone 2 x day, 20MG Fluoxetine (generic for prozac) 1 x per day, and I had tried taking amphetamine 10MG (generic for adderalll) 2 x day but I felt it put me in "slow motion" and I wasn't sure I had ADD rather than just anxiety.  I did some research on my Myers Briggs type ENFJ and with chronic stress I start to use my inferior introversion and overthink everything instead of asking for help, which is my preferred tendency. However, my thoughts are very racing and fast and so I suppose the adderall did slow me down some. A close friend said I wasn't ME on it, as I usually talk nonstop and am very chatty.   I'd thought perhaps I was just anxious and told my shrink I would just take the anxiety meds. I'm thinking of calling her today and seeing about taking all three together. I just wondered if anyone had experience with this combo that they could share.  Also, if female, do you notice any difference during ovulation and/or PMS when hormones are different?
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Hello and welcome!

I'm a bit confused.  Who prescribed the Adderall?  It would be pretty rare to be prescribed that kind of medication on a "hunch" about ADD/ADHD.  I would expect that if ADD was suspected, you should have been subjected to thorough assessment processes before a mental health professional was confident in giving you that diagnosis.

Adderall is a stimulant, it shouldn't "slow you down" like you describe.  The desired outcome is the ability to think clearer, focus better, etc.  

I would encourage you to make sure an experienced knowledgeable mental health professional is handling this with you, and is overseeing your medication regimen.  What do you take the other medications for?  I'm assuming anxiety?

Good luck to you!
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I'm sorry to be misleading. Yes a psychiatrist was confident of her accessment of ADD.  However, I had determined maybe my coping skills over the years was enough and I could just continue to treat my anxiety. I thought maybe my ADD wasnt so bad as to need to medicate it.  I felt I was thinking and speaking slower (a good thing) but no one really thought I was acting funny. I can only explain this as a lack of racing thoughts feeling very quiet inside, but happy.  I just didnt want to overmedicate if I could 'handle' ADD without meds.

I was diagnosed years ago with generalized anxiety disorder and performance anxiety and at one time had done group therapy as well as seeing someone individually.  I believe I started with Lexapro and then after a few years changed to Prozac as I was wanting to become pregnant and it doesnt stay in the system as long.  Obviously once I became pregnant, I went off of everything. That was a difficult time, and I was able to stay med free til about 6 months into breastfeeding/pumping and then had postpartum depression and went back on Prozac.

work anxiety became too much and I was having terrible mood swings, so much so that my psychologist tested me for bipolar which I don't have.  

My psychiatrist ended up prescribing buspar which, with the prozac, has helped to 'even out' my moods. Now the only time I have an issue is during ovulation and PMS.

I was also working with a nurse practicioner and at one time was doing cream from a compounding pharmacy for my hormones, which were slightly off, but this doesnt seem to have helped that much and I honestly havent followed up and stopped doing it.
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that also didnt come out correctly.  I had the postpartum depression right after delivery and then was off work the 12 weeks. Going back to work was when I needed to go back on anxiety meds...it was too much to juggle being a new mom with my performance anxiety at work.
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Thanks for the additional info, that makes sense.

I think a chat with your doc on how to proceed makes sense.  It's sometimes hard to find that right "balance" of medications, especially when the meds used to treat one condition often will exacerbate other conditions.  No doubt it can be tricky!

Good luck, please let us know how you're doing!
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