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CBT therapy

hello everyone has anyone tried any therapy for your anxiety? if so does it work? i really want to get my life back to normal!
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in CBT therapy.  I jsut started. The therapist will most likely indulge into your past. So be prepared. So far my first visit was painful, the second a bit slow and less painless...but I know tough days are a coming.  I have been journaling alot....and it has really helped.
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The first thing I did when I started experiencing anxiety, is see a Psychologist. And there have been good sessions and sessions where I walked away going....."Huh???". But in general, therapy has helped me a ton, you really need to find a therapist that you are comfortable with first though. Too often you are not able to connect with your therapist, and you don't get all that you should out of your sessions. I was lucky and found a therapist that is really great. She has taught me new ways of thinking, some really excellent relaxation techniques, and ways to relax your body on the spot. Prior to dealing with anxiety, I never thought I would be seeing a therapist, I was reluctant, but I also knew that I didn't want to live my life feeling this way either. I was willing to do anything to get my life back to normal. It seemed like overnight, my personality changed, I was afraid of things that I had NEVER been afraid of, like driving or going to work, or the grocery store, I felt like a completely different person. I was distancing myself fron friends and felt uncomfortable at family events! I was always so outgoing, and found myself to be the complete opposite. Therapy, Yoga, and facing the things I feared were my saving graces that's for sure.

Needless to say, I am a huge advocate for seeking help for your anxiety, it helps so much to talk about how you are feeling!  

Good Luck with Everything!!
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hiya i just had 13 sessions of CBT it has helped me a lot although i still have set backs but i would reccomend it to anyone, my way of thinkin has changed a lot so now when i get the chest pains etc i think its anxiety rather than a heart attack (my biggest fear) with me they didn focus on my past more on my future and being free of anxiety which 1 day im determined will happen
good luck
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I think it is worth a try for you!  I never personally did the CBT, rather more traditional lying on the couch kind of therapy...but I've had some friends that have had GREAT success with it.  One of my friends was doing CBT for severe agoraphobia...and she was improving by leaps and bounds every week.  The only thing I would recommend is to discuss with the CBT-ist what kind of follow-up or after care you will have.  That way when the sessions come to an end...you can continue therapy in some form.

I would try it for myself in a heartbeat...it has helped a lot of people...they really work on un-doing our anxious way of thinking and helping to break that anxiety cycle.  Just remember, with anything new....therapy, meds, what have you...give it a chance, and go in with an open mind.  Be receptive to it.

Let us know how you're doing....we're there for you!
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I am new to it...but I have also been doing light yoga. I am not a yoga type. But if you have a good guided practitioner in yoga, then you will walk away feeling sedated without drugs.  It really takes effort to focus but if you roll with it, it helps you to settle a racing anxious mind. It is almost like a massage but on the brain.  Again, I recommend a stress relief type of yoga...it may not be for you but give it at least a couple of sessions. I know it is not my style, but I am desperate, and go into the back of the room and do my best.  I like the guided meditation part. But the instructor is phenomenal too.  YEs, it cost money as well.
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