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Can Anxiety and Stress cause a Heart Attack?

I suffer from GAD, the past few weeks have been extremely stressful and my anxiety has been off the charts. I constantly feel out of breath and panicky. Only the past few weeks. I'm just worried that my anxiety and stress will cause a heart attack? i know obviously i will cause a panic attack but can it get more severe? BTW i am 26yrs old, semi healthy, mother of 3, married and stressing because we are about to move for the 6th or 7th time in 4yrs... Any advice?
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Eventually all the stress can catch up with you...but not at your age.  It sounds like your life is stressful and visiting a therapist may really benefit you.  Learning how to deal with stress is imperative and a therapist can teach you how to cope, and think in a more positive way. I used to be like you, raising 3 kids and caught up in all that goes along with that.  Then my son was diganosed with a very serious illness at 12, and that put everything in perspective for me.  It makes you truly realize what is important in life and what to worry about, what you can change and what you can't.  So, many of life's stressors went out the window for me.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you are but one person, and can only do so much.  I think as mothers, we take on a lot and demand a lot of ourselves.  That's a lot of pressure for one to deal with.  I think prioritizing things in your life is key....especially your children.  Don't try to be super mom or wife, just do your best.  I hope this helps and best wishes with your move.
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You know if you look at the people over in other countries and see how much stress they live under with wars and abuse and fearing for their lives and tsunamis etc.. , well I guess I am just saying that the human body is remarkable and strong. Please dont start worrying over your heart. :)
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You are going to be fine! I am in the same boat, I'm 29 with a daughter and just moved and lost my job. Constant state of panic, and i mean CONSTANT. Gad is a pain and it *****, but it wont give you a heart attack, not so young. I have pvcs and have had every test on earth done and they tell me normal normal normal. too young for plaque buildup, if you had something congenital theyd have found it by now, all that stuff. The stress is no good for your heart though, or your body. i am in the middle of trying to figure out what works for me. i tried an antidepressant (which is a lifesaver for many) but it about drove me crazy in three days so im back to square one. trying to find a cheap therapist, but who knows...probably have to wait forever. til you figure it out hangin there you are SO not alone!
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You're not going to have a heart attack. As bad as a panic attack can be, it won't cause a heart attack in an otherwise healthy adult. You gave birth to 3 children, your heart is plenty strong. :-)

One thing you have to realize is that you have been dealt constant triggers for your panic attacks. This thing about having to move 6 or 7 times in four years is very stressful, even for people who dont' normally suffer from anxiety. Moving *****, and it's a very stressful event. Especially if it involves changing employment and having kids to care for, so it's normal that your anxiety is spiking during a period of yet another change. The upside is you know what is triggering your anxiety.

Remind yourself that you've been through this before, and each time all your basic needs have been met. You and your family will be fine. You're just going through another transition and you have more than just yourself to worry about. Your kids will be fine, they adjust to changes much easier than adults.

If you think or even write down all the things you are worried about and stressing over, you may come to realize that many of them are manageable and not as bad as they seem.

Once again...you are not going to have a heart attack. Take a deep breath, let it out slow, and remind yourself that once the move is over you can get back to normal.
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No matter the amount of stress, panic and anxiety, it will not CAUSE a heart attack (or stroke, etc) without an underlying medical condition that would place you at risk for those events.

Chronic severe anxiety can definitely take a toll on us and affect our health in other ways, ie weight loss/gain, sleep deprivation (or too much sleep), and so on. But no, it will not cause a heart attack, even though it sure feels like it sometimes.
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