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Can Anxiety cause numbness and pins and needles?

For two weeks now on and off I have been having pins and needles in my hands and finger tips, I’m fearing the worst like MS or something. I was just wondering if anybody who has anxiety has ever had numbness and pins and needles?
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Answered this above, personally, I'd look elsewhere than anxiety for this one but it could be so many things that are a lot more benign than MS.  
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I’ve been told anxiety can do this but I so nervous it’s ms or something serious like that! Thanks for your response!
I’ve had blood test and everything was normal apart from I have low B12
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Yes this is common with anxiety and people who suffer with panic disorder. I myself get pins and needles during and attack and even sometimes when i feel relaxed I get them in the back of my calves. Highly doubt you have MS although you should go see your primary to put your mind at ease.
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Again, not saying this can't happen -- vascular constriction can cause some odd feelings and for some people it's caused by anxiety.  It's a cause of migraines.  But that's not the back of your calves.  So while I'm sure it can happen, I'd be looking for an alternative explanation.
Had blood tests they came back all clear apart from I do have low b12
Low B12 can cause what you're feeling.  You may have found your answer.
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