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Can Birth Control Help With My Anxiety?

I just filed a prescription for birth control (pill) not long ago and i'm waiting for my period to come to take it. I'm wondering if birth control may help with anxiety and chronic depression? I am handling both my anxiety and depression very well and since it's destroyed parts of my life I'm finally willing to force myself to relax and somehow take it easy, for the sake of those around me and my life. I was just wondering if my birth control could come with that extra bonus.
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If your problem is due to hormonal problems, possibly, but birth control can also cause problems in some people for the same reason.  If your problem isn't hormone related, then probably not, but still keep aware if your anxiety or depression gets worse, though it probably won't affect you.
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Of course, when birth control is benign, it does level off the increased emotional stress of hormonal changes every month, so there is that benefit.
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Okay, thank you guys very much.
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