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Can Lexapro do this?

6 weeks ago I started 5 mg of lexapro and then increased to 10 mg. So it seems to be helping a bit but since my GAD is severe my doc said take 20 mg. Yesterday I took 20 and got confused and forgetful. For example, weeks ago I planned to put a big TV in my bedroom but it couldn't fit. I just pictured it there mentally and put some other things in the same place ( my little son's small tent and his riding horse).

Anyway, last night I wanted to connect TV again and I said to my mom "who took the TV out of the room"?. WTF? Sure I was sleepy and it is possible when I mentally pictured the TV there, "the things mixed up" but could Lexapro play a role too?

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Just was told TV was in my room but we took it out. Big relief but still scared........
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It depends on how soon your doctor increased your dosage to 20 mg.  Did he give the 10 mg adequate time to work, six weeks?   If not he's increasing it too quickly. It may just be your body adjusting to the meds causing your forgetfulness, but if this is bothersome, contact your doctor and and discuss this.
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This is the common way to dose Lexapro.  10mg is the manufacturer's suggested dose for depression, and 20mg for anxiety.  Your psychiatrist was working up slowly to see how you reacted.  Give it some time and see how it works; if the problems don't go away, perhaps this isn't your med.  It made me pretty weird, too, at times, but as far as antidepressants go wasn't too bad for side effects.  Just didn't work well enough for me.  We're all different, and your experience will be yours and yours alone, so give it some time and see what happens.
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