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Can anxiety, tinnitus, and visual snow/vision problems be related?

Hi everyone, I'm 22 years old and have been suffering from depression but mostly anxiety for around a year now. In the beginning of this my anxiety came with IBS. At first I worried and worried about having colon cancer, etc. until I found out that I was "fine" and there was nothing wrong with me, so it was probably just stress, that was the summer of 2017. Now I have started school up again, I'm getting a degree in engineering which is extremely stressful, and I had the worst anxiety I've ever experienced Sept.-Dec. 2017. With that I got tinnitus which would make a horrible cycle of anxiety which worsened the tinnitus which then gave me more anxiety. I then went home for our Christmas break for a month and my anxiety seemed to subside and the tinnitus got probably 70% better. Once the thought of going back to school started to creep into my mind I started to get really bad anxiety again and once I came back to school I started to experience derealization, for weeks on end. I go to a counselor 1-2 times a week and we started dealing with my derealization and anxiety which has helped a lot. However, I recently started experiencing static of visual snow and floaters. This of course has created an anxiety cycle, but like always I'm so worried and I can't tell if this is a symptom of constant anxiety and worrying if it's something else I should worry about. I went to the eye doctor and I my vision is fine but it's so hard for me to stop worrying and paying attention all the time to the static that it seems I have. I'm so ready to stop this vicious cycle of anxiety and physical symptoms which probably come from it, but also cause it, I just want to enjoy my young adult life. Has anyone else experience visual snow and/or tinnitus because of their anxiety?

I realize I need to address my anxiety and have been trying to meditate, see a counselor, exercise, get enough sleep, eat right, stay away from dugs/alcohol/caffeine but my symptoms persist. I have been wondering if I'm experience adrenal fatigue from all of the stress that has been in my life for the past four years but I don't know where to go because I feel like doctors would just shoo me away as a crazy person or someone who wants attention.
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Hello~Yes, anxiety can certainly cause all the issues you are having. The very fact that you felt better while on vacation from school is an indication that your symptoms are all anxiety related.

I have tinnitus, I don't notice it when I am happy, but let me get stressed or depressed, I notice it big time. The snow vision you are having is also due t stress, the eyes are quick to pick up on anxiety symptoms.

If you are worried about adrenal fatigue, I would see an endocrinologist; they specialize in issues with the glands and hormones, this might be the best way to get your issues cleared as they are very familiar with issues with the adrenal glands and symptoms associated with the stress.

I hope you feel better soon.
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It's unlikely you have adrenal fatigue, but, as mentioned, this can be tested.  It's usually caused by thyroid problems for those who have it, and that can also cause anxiety and depression.  The visual stuff is probably vascular constriction and can be caused by stress.  However, school doesn't cause anxiety.  Stressful activities don't cause anxiety.  Anxiety when it is chronic is a condition with no known cause.  Everyone has stress in life, some more than others, but most people do not develop chronic anxiety because of it.  There are herbs that can help balance your adrenals called adaptogens; what they do is reduce the surges of cortisol that are produced during panic attacks.  Two examples are holy basil and ashwagandha.  But high cortisol doesn't mean you have adrenal fatigue.  If you had that you'd be exhausted all the time.  If you're in therapy you are already seeing the person to start with, but if that therapist doesn't specialize in anxiety treatment it won't help.  If the problem proves to be resistant to therapy then you're in the psychiatrist department and medication.  Whether you need that or not depends on how badly your life has been disrupted and how hard and long you've been working to overcome this.  Realizing this isn't a response to the normal stresses of life but something else is important in treating it.  
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Hi. I am struggling with similar symptoms. VS has started out of the blue. What ended up happening for you? Did the VS go away?
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I learned that if i focus on floaters and snow etc. That makes it worse. Try to tell yourself that its okay. You are fine. And forget it. I remember sitting in my drs office all upset about the floaters. She asked me what i was seeing when i closed my eyes. I explained it, then she closed her eyes and said she saw the same thing.

We create alot of it ourselves.

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Yes because anxiety affect your whole body.
Well, better to say anxiety might affect your whole body.  It also might not.  
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