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Can anxiety be without any reason nor physical symptoms??

Hi !
Started questioning my state again since i saw many anxiety complains go around physical symptoms like heart rate or dizziness and i got none!
Not that im upset about that heh but was thinking if it is normal ?
In fact my mental symptoms overwhelming i cant talk to people almost i feel dumb with foggy brain everything seems strange sometimes and i seem to get almost confused and i can barely sleep.. Most strange that nothing seem to trigger it ! Its not that i think about something but it just starts on its own. Really worried about that, i also experience throughout the day attacks of fear , my heart is normal but everything starts seem to be scary for no reason and my hands starts to sweat
Anyone can relate ??

Thanks !
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I understand what you are talking about but mine is the opposite. I get a lot of physical symptoms for what seems like no reason. I don't consciously feel anxious everytime I have the physical symptoms. My doctor said it is part of the panic disorder that I have- stuff can come on out of nowhere.
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thanks cmac21 for your reply !
Its good to know how other people dealing with anxiety :)
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Sorry to hear about your anxiety.

You shouldn't worry too much about this. There can really be different symptoms and some people manifest more than others. The important thing is that you are diagnosed as having anxiety. You see some mental health issues have same or overlapping symptoms or comorbid with another mental health so it's important that you get a precise assessment.
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I'm with you.  I had agoraphobia for years, but with almost none of the physiological symptoms people complain about -- I have a low heart rate, low BP, have never hyperventilated, no heart symptoms.  Now, I have felt dizziness, that's the disorientation of anxiety.  The only time I started to feel physiological problems was when quitting Paxil destroyed my brain -- a very rare reaction -- and now I'm a physical mess all over.  But not before that.  So you're not alone on this.  I always suspected it was because I was athletic and meditated before my anxiety became chronic that it never manifested physiologically.  My sister, conversely, hyperventilated when she got an anxiety attack.  So it goes.
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thanks guys for your responds!
oh Paxiled, i am very sorry to hear about your condition :(
how long did you take it ? how come it happen?
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It will never go away, and it happened because my brain couldn't handle the discontinuation and my psychiatrist was a quack who never told me about withdrawal.  Don't worry, this won't happen to you or anyone else on here -- sometimes we're just unlucky in life and bad luck got me in that my brain for some reason couldn't handle the discontinuation and I didn't know I had a quack for a doc.  
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