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Can anxiety cause extreme fatigue?

Since I have had an unconfirmed possible exposure to HIV, it is all I can think about. This has been going on for two weeks now since I have gotten sick, and I'm wondering if it is anxiety that could be causin me to have and unrestful sleep, even though I sleep a good 9 hours every night, sometimes waking up in the middle of them, but most of the time not?
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Yes anxiety can cause you to feel fatigue. When you are stressed and anxious over long periods of time your body starts releasing more cortisol which can have a number of different affects on the body, one of which can certainly be fatigue. On top of which this would certainly lead to poor quality of sleep or the sensation of feeling unrested after a long sleep.
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Oh wow, I never knew that, probably because I have never been under this amount of stress before... Thank you so much!
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