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Can anxiety cause fever upto 99.5

I had a oral sex with a girl and after that I developed a fear of HIV which gave me lot of stress and anxiety and suffering from low grade fever (not more than 99.5) and weakness from more than a month now. I tested negative using HIV ELISA test after 50 days times as most sites says 95% will show positive with antibody if they are infected at 50 days time but some says only 3 month time is conclusive result which made me doubtful/anxious about my negative result . But as I am still experiencing the symptoms (weakness and low grade fever) which divert my mind toward HIV. I have done most of other blood test and urine test to rule out the reason for low grade fever but everything is normal...

So my question is can anxiety cause low grade fever and weakness.... it never goes above 99.5 and come to normal at its own without taking any medicine... when I wake up its normal as day starts it goes up then stay between 99-99.5 during day and by the time I go to bed it comes to normal... I feel tired and exhausted when my temperature rises.
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Most doctors wont consider that a fever. A fever is generally 101 or higher. You can be making yourself feel sick, constant worrying and focusing on it and not sleeping can make you sick. Have you tested for anything else other then HIV, have you talked to your doctor and told them what you've been experiencing? Im sure once you stop focusing on it, you will feel better. Best of luck.
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Hello and welcome!  Yes, you can have a low grade "fever" with anxiety, especially with a panic attack.  I say "fever" with quotations because it's not so much an actual fever, but more a temperature elevation.

IF indeed you were newly infected with HIV, your fever would be very high (usually over 101).  There would also be other symptoms along with the fever.

Your 50 day negative is pretty much as good as gold.  On the HIV Prevention forum, we recommend testing out to 3 months to adhere with the official testing guidelines, but with the advances in testing sensitivity, MOST people test + quite rapidly, within weeks of the exposure.

HIV anxiety is all too common, if you haven't noticed by reading on the HIV forum, and here.  The FACT is, HIV is a VERY hard virus to transmit, and it's rare compared to what most people think.  I would recommend trying to put this behind you, get busy with life and stop searching the internet, as that will only fuel your anxiety something terrible.  You're going to be just fine.
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Hello Nursegirl,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

Can anxiety show physical symptoms in just a week's time?

How long does it takes to ease the physical symptoms caused by anxiety?

Do I have to take medicine only then these symptoms will go away b,coz I feel less anxious from last few days but still the symptoms persist.

It is hard for me to tell whether I am getting symptoms due to my anxiety or my symptoms are making me anxious.

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