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Can anxiety cause hand tremors?

I am a 25 year old female.  This past six weeks I have noticed that I have developed hand tremors.

I have been through an extremely stressful period since summer, but those situations have calmed down now, and my tremors have come on since the stress eased off.

I am reasonably healthy and cannot see a reason for this to start happening.  Is it possible that the stress and anxiety that I have been through could have manifested itself in my hands (and what feels like my arms)and make them shake?  I feel like I am picking things up and moving them about as if I was extremely nervous.  I also feel like I can feel the blood pumping through my upper body as my heart beats and I am constantly tired.  I haven't had to stop doing anything.  I have full feeling and can type/write etc perfectly fine.

I am driving myself crazy noticing every little abnormal movement and twitch.  I saw a doctor and she said it was like my mind was that tired/fatigued that my body has decided to do something about it.  Could this be true?  And will my symptoms ever go away?  At the moment it seems like I will be living with them forever.  I just want to be normal again and stop shaking.  Please help.  Any advice would be gratefully recieved.
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hi everyone,
i read through this entire posting!  thank  you all for what you have to say.  i am a 31 yr old male and recently started to get weakness in my arms and shaking in my hands after exerting them in 'normal' activities.  in fact, they are shaking now.  about a month ago my doctor put me on zoloft, but i stopped after having insomnia for a week.  i got changed to nortriptyline and then amitriptyline and buspar, but it didn't help my insomnia.  the only thing now that is working for the insomnia is ambien.  during these times i've been on these medications i felt the arm/hand tremors worsening.  i've also felt more tense throughout my entire body.  i definitely do not feel calm.  could the medications i've been taking caused these tremors?  could it have heightened any anxiety or shaking i've had hidden or before?  i stopped the nortriptyline, buspar, and amytriptyline, and now it's been like a week and a half with no improvement in the shaking.  i have continued to take ambien for sleep.  i play guitar and drums and i'm afraid it will affect these passions in my life!  any advice would be greatly helpful!
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Hi fellow anxiety shakers. Reading your posts made me happy that it isn't just me being a massive mentalist! About a year ago my legs started twitiching and slowly things have got worse, the twitches have spread all over and i get pins and needles and shaky hands etc. Have been to the docctors, the neurologists several times but they say i have "normal neurological symptoms" and all my figures look perfectly healthy. Have a history of anxiety and have tried the odd panic attack so i guess that leaves me with no further explanation. I am a psychologist and have worked a lot with meditation which tends to help as once you are stuck with these symptoms then acceptance is about the only sure fire way to get out again
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hello im 22 years old . and i first notice my right hand shaking when i was holding a remote in my hand. and now im left handed. but i never seen the remote shake in my right hand before. so i start getting nervous . i constantly outstreatch my hands and my fingers do shake. my right hand the most. also my legs shake sometime. neck do too and i have muscle twitches all over. more importantly i went to three diffrent doctors and they say i do not have parkinsons. but my fingers still shake when i outstrech them. im going to diffrent sites and looking up parkinsons scared im having young onset. but the doctors told me and diffrent people its rare for a young healthy guy like me to get that. but im always worried about parkinsons. could it be anixety/depression because i always been a on and off depress go. also my fingers and legs do not shake when they are a rest. but can someone help me. i just want my life back. and i do be on the computer alot. but idk whats causing these tremors, muscle twitches.
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Hi like the rest of u same symptoms,ashley i reply to you as i was also prescribed lexapro however i went through major anxiety attacks on it nearly ran my truck off the road (after i was told driving would be fine) sometimes it works great and other times sends me into paranoia ,now im off everything including the quantities off pot i used to smoke , same symtoms however im finding the more i breathe and the less i think about them the less the symtoms are doc reckons i should still be on it but have u had any adverse reactions i guess im just more paranoid about taking drugs now than i am when im off them
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I'm a 44 year old male and I've noticed I'm getting hand tremors (and up my arms) with increasing regularity. I've also noticed the arm weakness that people have commented on above (though I am fit and can do quite a number of pressups, so my arms are not actually weak, they just feel that way).

I was recently checked for diabetes as I'm also feeling tired a lot, but I'm not. I had wondered if it was alcohol related, because I've had the shakes after drinking. However I am currently not drinking, so it shoulnt be that. I also do not have the tremors all the time. They have just come on (lunchtime), though I've been eating throughout the morning.

Perhaps I've eaten something which has caused the tremors? I know with MSG and caffiene I used to get the shakes (I've stopped caffiene now), so maybe its chocolate or the crisps? I'm in work so maybe its stress? I cant recall getting tremors when I'm at home (morning after a drink aside). Maybe my blood sugar has dipped? Maybe the exercise I started doing last night has caused it to be unusually bad today?

I am not taking any medications aside from Salbutomol for a recent asthma attack... I'll just google that thinking about it.

Ah ha... seems that Salbutomol causes hand tremors and I just used that a little before the tremors. I think I have the culprit.

Hope that helps someone.
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I started becoming very anxious about my health over 2 months ago when a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. I got a chest infection and started imagining it was something much worse. From then on I have fretted myself silly and thought about the possible outcomes. I started getting stabbing/burning pains in my chests, back, shoulders and breasts which only added to my anxiety. Ive been to my GP numerous times who keep insisting its coming from anxiety but was unable to be comforted by that. My anxiety climaxed when I had a migrane for the first time ever that affected my sight. It was like looking through a Kaleidoscope. Over the last week its got worse and i have experienced a burning crawling sensation in the skin on my hands and feet and now my hands tremble pretty much constantly. They shake really badly when I get extra nervous or when my chest is hurting. Reading this thread has been comforting to know that people are suffering from the same thing. Im only 19 so am a little unkeen to go for any kind of medication. If anyone has got any comforting words or good advice please let me hear them because im so tired of this affecting me so badly.

thank you
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I am 25 years old. I have had 'nervous'/anxious for years I hate it I cant do anything about it i get sick and shaky. I hate it I dont know what to about it.. It happens at night mostly. What should I do. I have a 3 year old and I hate having to say mommy dont feel good HELP ME
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My head has been twitching and shaking as well, it is so strange. I have stayed cleared of my friends and everything I love. Anxiety is a beast! I am trying to help it with a bike ride, healthy eating and Zoloft. I hope to be posting on here soon that everything is okay.

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try carbamazepine!
i had similar experience in the past but after two years dose of it am normal again
no sweating
no hand shaking
no panicking
this is all related to epilepsy
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Hi On Edge,

Hopefully you are doing much better now considering your post was from 3 years ago.  I just wanted to tell you I've had the same thing lately where my head shakes and my hands shake.  I'm on 150mg of zoloft and 40mg of geodon for Bipolar disorder.  I'm starting to think it's the zoloft as I started on this about a month and a 1/2 ago.  I'm trying to be better about not drinking caffeine but it's difficult considering I have to take clonopin just to calm down, which makes me tired.  Seems like I can't win:(  My doctor said by up'ing the zoloft it should help with the anxiety.  I'm not so sure about this but will trust in her for now.  Appreciate your thoughts..
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hello midnight, i hope u r feelin better alrdy, im a medical student who's currently in my 3rd year n since i've experienced similar symptoms like urs,u wud prob feel better, im only 23 and im on zoloft and it has helped me alot, its no harm taking medication for short period of time cause it jells u down, well n the most important key winning over anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy where v must learn nt to sweat over small stuffs, n have to wire our brain differently all over again , it might take a whie bt i've confidence, we can all do it, tc ppl, keep ur faith high, we cn win it over
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helllo, its nt the zoloft which is creating tht side effect , its your heightened anxiety, well i experience it too, worst symptoms thn urs, just keep ur faith high n continue finding ur likings n doing them, anything no matter hw bad u r feeling , cause with all this symptoms , im pursuing my medical sch, its the god who's strengthening me, have faith in almighty, expect miracles, n im there 4 u, tc
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I get same sensations as you. For me I believe it is diet related, specifically low blood sugar. I'm also looking into sulphite allergies. I am vegetarian and eat quite healthy but certain foods/ alcohol trigger my reactions. Just thought I'd throw it out there...
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hi im a 21 year old male.. i have one of the worst anxiety cases my doctor ever seen.. i have every symptom on the list.. i get body pains all day.. moslty in the chest and upper back.. i feel like im ganna die all the time... my hole day consist of me thinking i have a rcaeing heart or heart failuer.. or i have a brain tumor.. it *****. i dont sleep at night and if i do fall asleep i wake 10 minutes late in a panic attack.. i make my wife check my paulse every 5 minutes to see if my heart is raceing.. and the tremors kills me.. i get it in the hands and feet.. im going crazy... i been a paxil for about a week.. i hope it starts to help.. my doc said it may take two weeks to kick in.. but its good to see people that kno what im going trough.. most people dont understand.. they just say its ok when you feel like your about to die..they dont get the feeling.. so hopefully someone will right back..
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I am so glad I came across this Forum. I felt like I was alone. My hands tend to shake uncontrollably when I think someone is watching me, or when someone hands me something like a drink in a glass. I am an intelligent person but this handshaking problem I have gives me very low self-estem. It went away for years and recently has returned. I am starting a new job and am afraid that while in training I might shake and someone will see me. I am currently taking prozac and sometimes I think that helps.I have also started taking probiotics which I read may help . Has anybody else heard of these helping?? There are times it doesnt bother me at all and then the next day be doing the same exact thing and my hands start to shake. I really wish I could make it go away FOREVER!!
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My symptoms include hand shaking and arms that get tired after lifting things. I have chronic headaches. I'm only 12 years old. I've consulted a doctor already and they said nothing is wrong with me and i'm a healthy girl. So, they will talk with specialists about my condition and call me back when possible.
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Hey, i a 16 year old girl, and i am going through the same thing... i am tired of it... i have consoulted a doctor and all they can tell me is to keep taking my medication... best of luck to you sugar... my prayers are with you...
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Im 40 now my tremers are getting really bad. I am on paxil and 2mlg of ativan why am i shaking so bad.
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Hey guys, first and foremost let me say that I can relate to the pain of what you all are going through and I hope that each and every one of you find peace from this terrible condition. I have a general anxiety condition that runs in my family and I've suffered from it for about 11 years now. I first noticed the tremors when I was 19 and working for a large retailer and going to college as well, my body would shake (head, neck, hands, muscle stiffness) at work and sometimes I would have a slight panic attack while driving home from college. I became very worried about these health problems and became agorophobic and stopped all of my social activites and lost most of my friends because I was embarassed and felt hopelessly alone. Eventually I began taking xanax which worked like a charm and gave me some of my functionality back, but I was very worried about becoming addicted to it, so I weaned myself off of it and my symptoms came back. I eventually found my own place to live and began taking klonopin and prozac which have been a great, great help and I can say right now that I've been able to enjoy many things in life such as dating, socializing and was married for a year and a half. The medications do not cure all of the symptoms, and my anxiety varies by how much stress is present in my life at any given time, for instance I was fine over the past five months, but have had an unexpected falling out with my gf who I care about deeply and my anxiety has been worse than it's been in years which has upset me greatly but I know that it will pass with time. Like many of you I've cut caffiene, nicotene and chocalete out of my diet altogether, and I meditate and exercise and take my meds regularly which helps. I'm thinking of you all and I sincerely hope that you all get through this and find peace, happiness and joy in life. I know that's all I want for myself as well.
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I too have the tremor issue on my hands and my mouth.  My mouth gets so bad that I have to clamp my mouth shut, and my bottom teeth have cut the roof of my mouth. I can try to drink something and I spill some on myself.  My feet are constantly moving like I can't keep still.  I think the only thing that relaxes me is to get on my netbook and talk to folks like you or play solitaire.  I have to keep my hands busy.  I can't even sit and just enjoy an entire 2 hour movie.

I actually have another appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow.  Maybe she will help with some type of med.

I wish the best for all of you!  Blessings!
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my hands start vibrating by fear whenever i am going to write? what can i do?
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hi  yes i do. for about 8yrs now i have had hand shakes , gettin worse now ,right hand thumb an first finger goes into uncontrollabe spasms and actualy feels like  my whole hand is scrunching and twisting and actually feels like its goin to twist itself off , i have to hold onto my wrist n try not to look at it , twice now it has caused me to fall on floor, unable to shout to anyone ,my mouth dropped n  my whole body just shut down, then i can manage to scream for help. twice the paramedics came out and said i had suffered a massive anxiety attack, i have seen a neurologist n had ctscan, mri scan epilepsy scan diabetes tests, all normal.    my husband died 8yrs ago so have lived on edge since then bringing up 3 children on my own and drinking heavily.  stopped the drink altogether now after 10yrsevery day ,not had a drink sine july last year.  have you suffered any symptoms like mine. its scary isnt it . Karen
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i am a 23 yr old male and reading these posts actually reduced my hand shakes i was so excited (LOL jk, they're still shaking) but anyways... I have had shaky hands for a really long time now i believe it first started when i was 15 or 16. its funny since its just common fact among my friends that my hands just shake, its a fact of life. in fact, i cant even hold a cigarette on my left hand without dropping it immediately lol..
I have always been a shy person but never to this extent at the moment, i used to even be in a debate club but the thought of public speaking will send me to a shake induced coma... i also went through a period between 18-22 of using cocaine/MDMA/Special K/looots of extacy and my last addiction was oxys which i loved cause it would calm me down. Fortunately, i have been clean for almost 9 months however my anxiety and nervousness are very high. I cannot go to social gatherings without having a buzz to relax my anxiety of being around ppl or to prevent my hands from noticeably shaking. its actually quite embarrassing in public... this im afraid is not a good way of treating my anxiety since as you can tell, i tend to get addicted to substances. Now im battling alcoholism not to the point where i need it daily, i can actually even go weeks without it... but when i start, i do not know my limits and usually end the night with a black out, i really would put alcohol aside if i didnt (maybe wrongly) think that it helps me be a little bit more confident and more importantly, less shaky!
I have gone to the doctors and they have prescribed me endless amount of pills which i put aside after a couple days as i found myself sleeping 18 hours a day... I have been reading many self help books and also become spiritual and try to meditate daily. i also see a therapist... but as soon as an unfavourable situation occurs, i pretty much cannot speak without my voice being shaky or shake all over and drop in blood pressure and my heart goes through the roof. What can i do? so glad to see you're all coping with this, i wish everyone happiness and inner peace as I am in search of, thanx for listening!
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i have a very similar story to yours..but i experimented with drugs for many many years you name it idid it.but id say  alot of pschedelics ....quite a few bad trips gave me extreme social anxiety..i also had anxiety that my parents and my guirlfriends parents and others would know i did drugs because one day my uncle said something about my hands shaking which i didnt even notice and he said what are you taking drugs..and from that time on i could not pick up a glass in front of anybody ..i had to resort to not drinking..or waiting until somebody wasnt looking and bring the glass up to my lips as fast as possible with the support of the other and i would still shake..that was sober and years ago..it also completley ruined pot for me cause it would make my anxiety uncontrollable. when i found opiates it was a godsend or what i thought at the time..because it COMPLETLY Cured ANY and Every anxiety worry doubt depression i could have...but with addiction comes the extreme bad side..so i ended up on methadone..i dont have anxiety like i used to..but i still i get  social /performance anxiety at times with my job..i need to have steady hands and from time to time..i get the anxiety attacks and start feeling the sweats hands trembling and i know the customer can see it and it starts to snowball and it comes to the point i just have to say i cant do this..and once they leave i am ok..i self medicated with xanax..and it didnt work..it also just created more problems for me because of its extreme addictive qualities..its bad enough im on methadone..im scared what will happen when i get off of methadone if it , will my anxiety come back in full force...it s bad enough it that comes now and then ..if it comes back full force it will completly destroy my life and career if it comes back....i dont want to stay on meds all my life is their anyway to naturally overcome this has anybody overcome it without the use of drugs.im sick of drugs..
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I did not read any posts other than OP, yes anxiety can easily cause tremmors. It causes many fatal heart attacks. People just do not take anxiety serious enough. It can be deadly and that is the truth. I myself have had a Heart Attack from a panic attack,and i have dealt with several seizure dissorders. Im not liein when I say I gotta take a lot of meds for my condition, which a lot of my scrips are addictive, but it is live or die. Just know you are not ever alone, and anxiety is very missinturpeted even in this modern day. Jake
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I have the exact same thing as you mentioned i am 21 female and i suffer from panic attacks, these have stopped now but i keep getting this shaky feeling in my hands. when i hold things such as a fork it shakes and i dont know whether i feel its getting worse cause i am aware of it now.
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Hello. I have had trembling hands and upper body, coupled with a heavy heart beat/pulsing blood.I sleep OK but start shaking etc a short while after waking up. I also have a nervous tummy every morning. I have just come through the worst years of my life with drug/alcohol abuse and high stress levels. I haven't abused anything now for 2 years and have been having psychotherapy. My therapist and GP both say I am suffering from anxiety. My body is exhausted because it has been in a high state of hypertension for so long. I find it frustrating that now my life has balanced out and there is no longer any serious stress going on, that I am suffering this trembling. I am fearful of social situations (not great as I attend AA and work full time).

I am grateful to have found these posts because I have been feeling isolated  and terrified that this is the start of a serious illness (my Grandmother died through Parkinson's disease). I've had blood tests and get the results this week, but I kinda know that this is anxiety, even though I am not anxious in my head. What a strange feeling this is...and so illogical! This should be the start of a new and fulfilling life but instead I'm a trembling mess. I just hope I can accept that this is just how it is right now and patiently wait to recover. I have read all your comments about medications and am worried about side affects. I take propranolol but would like to do this for myself without drugs (probably because I want to be totally clean from chems of all types).

Does anyone else feel like this? Does anyone else feel frustrated and angry that being clean and sober brings its own problems?

Thanks to everyone
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I am currently going through stomach issues and when I start to worry because I am constipated or have diarrhea, I start web md everything and find the worst possible things associated with the symptoms. Which caused more and more anxiety which lead to more constipation and diarrhea.  I was prescribed lorezapham for anxiety and today was my first time taking it because the anxiety got so bad worrying about my stomache.  All this anxiety started a month and a half ago... I was working out at the gym and got done about two hours later( I had a lot of caffeine and workout drink prior to my workout). As I was on my way home I felt like I needed to take a deep breath and then it all started I had heart palpitations that felt like my heart was coming out of my chest.. I felt dizzy, I went home drank lots of water and juice thinking maybe I had defeated myself.... The sypmtOms went down a little but not enough to make me feel comfortable so I went to the hospital and had a ex ray on my chest, echo cardio gram, EKG and all came back normal... I even went to a cardiologist and he said I was fine.  All blood work came back normal.  I followed up with my doctor and he did more blood work and all that was normal... I was referred to a neurologist because of the tingling and burning sensations I was feeling.... MRI of my head came back normal and my neck had a slight herniated disk in the c5-6 area which was prob causing the arm pain and tingling.  After all that I felt more at was but the anxiety symptoms still where bothering me.  Last Friday I got a little bit upset about some things and ever since that my stomache has been going from constipation to diarrhea so I went to see a diff doctor and got my appendix, more blood and urine samPle done and all came back normal.  The doc told me to take milk of magnesia and to flush my system out.  Well took the milk of magnesia and it caused me to have diarrhea.... Once again I started web md things and now I have an appointment to the gastronolgist.... Once I'm done here I will be certain that this is all anxiety and will help me overcome it a lot better. I'm 26
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I also suffer from hand shakes due to anxiety. It comes on with issues of thinking of failure and I get it during certain situations at work. I have come to the conclusion that I do have an anxiety disorder b/c it's like you have no control over your hands when it begins. It's frustrating b/c you want it to go away, but it doesn't. It's something I have been dealing with for the last 4-5 years and I have done everything I can to control it, but it still comes on when I get anxious or nervous. I like this message board b/c it lets me know I'm not alone w/ this issue. I am going to try to the deep breathing technique to calm me down when it comes up again and see how that works. However, I will tell everyone this - this is a challenge and don't ever give up on yourself. If you work at it you can control it. Thanks for all the posts to everyone!
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hye friends, i have all these experience too. please help.
i m a 22 year old engg student. its all happening for 4-5 years. i cant write even my name on a paper. my hands tremble so badly. the worst experience was when i went to the bank, and i was asked to sign a paper just for a formality, but my hands were trembling so badly that i was unable to write my name. i was feeling so shameful. and in college, everywhere i go, i have to write my name and enroll no, but i always wait for my friends, and think that, they will write my name when writing their own names. please help, i m suffering a lot.....
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Have you ever been seen by a doctor for your tremors?  They have medicine that aids in stopping tremors (beta blocker).  I would ask about it.  
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I am a 26 year old female and have been experiencing hand trembling, loss in appetite, constantly worrying and heavy heart beats almost daily for the past few months. You cant help but wonder if it is serious and whether it will become more exaggerated and permanent. I am convinced it is related to anxiety and stress. Being only in my twenties, it is really frustrating to experience - as I would think that I would be able to handle my stress better at this age. I have been through some difficult times but I dont believe they have been extremely bad experiences... should be manageable..  I first started experiencing these symptoms when I was really upset over a particular situation.. and now - I feel  like I continue to have anxiety and hand shaking over silly daily incidents that stress me.. I get annoyed with myself for reacting this way.. But I must say - it is comforting to know that I am not the only one! I shall try to meditate and bring a routine to my lifestyle - to help both manage current and avoid future attacks.. (the exercise tip is on my future to do list :S).. I am consciously making the effort not to resort to medication or alcohol as a means of relaxation!

Good luck to everyone on the same boat! :)
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i went to doctors, but they said its just tension and not a disease. they gave me medicine but it didn't work. many nights, i can't move my body and feel that there is so much load on my body. it continues for 10 to 15 minutes. and also i feel that my heart is beating so fast many times when i do my usual works. it looks like some day my heart will come out of the body.
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Have you tried doing yoga. It works wonders for anxiety. It clears the head and make you feel you have a purpose in life.

Preferably do it in the early hours of the morning. But, before you start on your own I advice you to learn it from a yoga trainer. They have specific exercises for it.

I have had the same problem for years. How ever mine are related to my financial problems that arose after divorce. Insecurities are the reasons for anxiety.

All the best try it.

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Tis the green dragon of Anxitey blow out its fire with your water cannon of might.  Go forth now brave warrior you shall succeed!!
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does meditation help you..even iam in similar trouble..
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Have you recovered now..iam looking forward forward for some tips..
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i m also suffering from this problem. Take Ayurvedic medicine ASHVAGANDHA, it will surely help you to get over it
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You might want to consider going to psychiatrist it might help with the tremors i have them as well but  am only 14 years old. but yeah good luck
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Meditation helps great with the anxiety, I recently got really bad treamours and have started to train to be a chef, holding a knife can be a ball ache or even just carrying things. Hope i'm in the right carrer,as I do enjoy it :), I also wonder if littleomlette got over the tremours as this post is from some time ago, would be nice to know.
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I completely know where you are coming from. I am 28 and have been experiencing social anxiety over the past year, however mostly for staff/student meetings at work. I am really good at my job, but somehow I feel I am going to sound stupid so I begin this overwhelming fear in my meetings.  It gets so bad that my neck is extremely tense and I have a tremor/jerk.  It is so embarrassing and makes me hate myself.  I can't explain myself to people when I have such high anxiety.  I just wanted to say that I know what you are experiencing; however, I have not found anything to help me YET!   I am seeing a therapist for cognitive based therapy; however, everything is easier said than done!  

Good luck and my hope is that it goes away for you!   It's hard to enjoy life at times because of this overwhelming social anxiety!  
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Good Luck and God Bless everyone who has this issue.
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I had a huge fight over the phone with my brother in early 2012, at 2 in the morning, after drinking coffee all night. It was a really stressful situation because business was involved, and I remember being so upset that I could have punched through steel. I went to bed, only to wake up a couple hours later with my teeth chattering slightly. I was super anxious and freaked out in general. The teeth chattering thing made me more anxious which made me start searching Google... which lead to more anxiety (I know all of you do that, but you won't talk about it here, because even mentioning the things you find scares you).

I've had non-stop anxiety ever since that night, and I have panic attacks in the early morning (usually 2-4 am), and sometimes nightmares which, in their content, aren't very scary, but which scare me half to death. My hands shake when I do things like raise my index fingers up off the keyboard and hold them up. If I try to do yoga, my arms get really shaky and I have to quit. I have plenty of strength to lift weights, but after doing so I'm super shaky. I can't stop and I'm afraid I never will be able to :( I also get muscle spasms when I'm really anxious. They're usually in my left arm or chest (fluttering as mentioned above), and sometimes in my eyelid muscles, and once in a while in my quad muscles. The more I worry or the more caffeine I drink the worse they get. I have to drink caffeine to stay motivated because I work on a computer all day (not exactly exciting), so it's a catch-22.

I did take Lorazepam in 2012 about 6 months after the anxiety started. That helped tremendously in the short term (couple months), BUT your body quickly begins to acclimate to benzodiazapines (which is what Lorazepam is), so eventually you have to increase your dose. After increasing from the lowest dose (half a 5mg pill in the morning and half at night) to a slightly higher dose (1 5mg pill in the morning and half at night), I began noticing that I was acclimating even more quickly, which caused me to have more anxiety (I know, right?), so I quickly waned myself off of the pills (took another month to do), which resulted in way worse spasms and anxiety, because unfortunately the reason Lorazepam works so well is because it dulls your senses, which results in heightened senses when you get off of it. For people who have taken it for years, I hear it's a living nightmare to try to get off of it. In other words, I wouldn't recommend this stuff for anything other than getting rid of a panic attack (like, to use 1 time per week or less - any more will lead you into the same rabbit hole).

I haven't tried much else, but that's because I have a hard time finding any good advice and I hear almost nothing good about any of the meds out there (Xanax seems to be the closest thing to "maybe I should try it" for me, but I've yet to do so). I don't know what to do. If somebody handed me a 1 million dollar check, my anxiety would be gone. I suspect the same is true for a great many of you who stress day in and out about money. I make good money (more than 150k/yr), but that only makes my anxiety worse. When I made less money (~40k/yr) I was way less stressed out, not because my job was easier (it wasn't), but because I didn't feel so much pressure to continue doing so well. I have so much fear because of "moving up in the world" (it's not really moving up - it's just running faster on the hamster wheel), and what I really want is financial freedom, the ability to take time off when I want, the ability to not stress, etc., but unless that happens I feel like I'm stuck in a spiral that will lead to me falling apart :(

Lessons for those whose anxiety is largely due to social pressure and finance:

1) Don't try to make more money - it's a trap
2) Try to find a way to do less while making the same money
3) Have fun doing the things that you did "back in the good old days"
4) Stay on top of everything
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hi i am 60 and have fibro mi-alga and rheumatoid arthritis have had many surgery's due to the r/a all replacements but the last 2 to 3 months my hands and fingers are so bad it is almost like i am punching something my hands  are out of control the doctor has done blood tests i am waiting for that but even typing this has been fixing letter after letter because i have no control to stop it so it is good to read what everyone is saying and i can get the doctor to check things he probably wouldn't check otherwise  
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First stop think about anxiety and listen song walking talking friend and kick anxiety after take medication 1.5 year
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I have the same thing  shaaaaaky hands so bad heart poounding   afraid all the time
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Ijust came through this post.I known its the worst situation and the last thing you want to happen.
I never knew these much people are facing this problem. I think i can help you. But i need to know the symptoms and the reason for that.
You may call/text me on +917 907 830 254
Same, till i got it myself 5 months ago, it first started with waking up with an racing heart and it got more frequent so went to a doctor and he prescribed me metroprolol and good lord it worked every night. Been using it the last few months without waking up in the middle of the night. Then one night i woke up and i forgot to take it, i had the worst attack ever that night and after that i got so depressed, i didn't sleep at all at night i was awake till morning and then i would go to sleep on the couch.
Now i'm taking oxazepam to help me sleep, but soon the doctor will stop giving me them and now i'm using citalopram 20mg and don't suffer from the horrible side effects it can give, still waiting for them to work cause it's only been 3 weeks and they only start working after 4-6 weeks.
This morning i had another symptom of anxiety, it was the worst one i've ever had. My whole body became cold as ice and my heart was racing so badly and all i could think of was this is it, i'm going to die.
It stopped after 15min, i got very warm/hot and my heart was calming down.
Now i'm trying to find what this was, cause my doctor has no clue! and that makes me even more scared but he assured me it was probably nothing and didn't really mean that it could be dangerous.
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Hi if u have any feedback or answer pls share with me as I'm totally same condition like u , my name is Bernard email me pls ***@****
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