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Can anxiety last all day?

After extensive tests on my heart, I am starting to come to terms with the idea that anxiety is playing a role in my fast heart rates.  

I have a basic question though.  Can anxiety last for a whole day?  I understand that panic attacks come and go but let me give an example.  Last Saturday, I had to go to a meeting.  On the way to the meeting I felt perfectly fine, my heart was beating in the 70's.  During the meeting my HR picked up to about 100 bpm and stayed there all the way through the meeting.  While standing my HR was 125.  This lasted all the way home.  When I got home I took my stading heart rate again (125) and my resting heart rate (105).  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my stomach was bouncing along with my HR (always happened).  I lay on my bed and gradually after one hour it started coming down.  After 2 hours it was in the 70's.  Does this sound like anxiety bearing in mind that all my tests have come back normal except maybe borderline mild hypotension.

Why I am staring to think I have an anxiety problem: my HR is always highest when I am in a stressful sitution e.g. meeting, doctors office, airport.  Even sometimes when I am in a social situation like a bar it goes fast.  BUT it rarely goes fast at home.  At home it is always fairly normal.  This is why I think I might have an anxiety problem.

Thanks for listening to me.
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Yes, you can have anxiety all day and, unfortunately, it can continue like this for months and sometimes years...those of us who suffer with anxiety it is a daily occurence.  Like you said, not necessarily panic attacks, but anxiety...

If you had a complete physical and have ruled out all things medical, then it is anxiety.

There are many different types of anxiety...There is social anxiety, which is when you are in social situations.  (this may be a possibility for you)...there is also agoraphobia (afraid of leaving the home)  this doesn't have to mean that you are a recluse!  As a matter of fact, I have this...when I am not in my safe places (like home, at work, far distances)  I get anxiety.  and many other types.  AND MANY MORE TYPES OF ANXIETY!!!  There are many sites that will list the disorders and its  definition....

Also, to get a true diagnosis, you need to see a professional....I would suggest finding a good psychiatrist or therapist to help you...

Hope this helps.
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yeh u def can hav it all day i do totally my head hurts sum days then other its my heart botherin me or chest pains mostly chest pains but yeh i hope u are feelin better and yeh im right hur with u i feel like **** jus bout evday!
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I rarely had it all day constantly, but I had many, many days that it would oscillate on me.  That's to say I'd have a half hour that was pretty good, an hour of hell, an hour of feeling good, twenty minutes of hell, and so on.  And the anxiety would affect my stomach so even when I was in between "hells", I still wasn't comfortable on those days (or the day after, usually).

As far as a generalized anxiety state, I've never really had that.  Mostly atypical panic attacks and intermittent anxiety.  So I'm not sure if that helps you or not.
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I do have Anxiety Disorder and mine is horrible for 3 weeks straight its been worst than every i feel unreal and scared weird head feeling like pressure and sometimes at my forehead feels like head is bleeding on the inside. Im un able to take antidepressents thay scare me my doctor says alot of people cant take meds ex: Zoloft,paxil,and all the many others there are out there.i do take kolonpin but i am also scared of that med to so ive stopped and now im scared im losing who i am its terrible and im sorry to here anyone going through this stuff its awful God Bless You so yes the answer to can anxiety last all day is YES mine has been all day for 3 weeks now
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He hasn't posted since 2007 so I doubt he will read your note.
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He may not of read your post but i did and i totally understand what your going through. I also am afraid of what medication does to your body. I'm new to all this and have only been suffering from anxiety for 2 months. I wake up every morning feeling totally fine then within 10 mins of being up out of bed. I have an chest pain its not really painfull on a scale of 1-10 it's only around 4. but it's still there all day every day now for around 2 weeks. But I think it's best to try and get through the day and try not to change anything you would normally do. I'm afraid if i let it it will take over my life but just wish i could stop thinking about whats going on in my chest 24/7 i try and distract my mind but feel it always wonders back to my chest pain.I am not on any medication at all and waiting for cbt which could take weeks but read somewhere that medication is just like killing a week from the top but theropy can kill the weed at the root.
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