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Can anxiety symptoms or effects last longer.

I've been suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder which I had concerned about HIV about 1 or 2 weeks because of my low/no risk exposure.

I dont actually remember...

It gave me some effects like diarrhea, constipation, nightmares, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, cold like symptoms,  lack of sleep, chills, very very mild fever with normal body temperature that last for several hours only at night, body itching and so much more that made me more anxious because i thought those symptoms are related to HIV..

I had calmed down a little bit when someone who are knowledgeable and educated about HIV said that my exposure and symptoms got nothing to with HIV.

My question is ... can anxiety left its effects or symptoms even though the anxiety is in the overcoming process or when the anxiety is over??.. when I'm able to overcome my anxiety a little bit nearly to zero, a few days later i had  stuffy nose and very mild sore throat ( it doesnt cause me to cough ) . the sore throat is over about few days or maybe a week...i dont really remember..but the stuffy nose is doesn't go away until now which I think it is because of post nasal drip.. but i'm not really sure... can anyone explain why?? is this long term effects related to the lowering of my immune system during my excessive anxiety?? or is it allergies related??

Sorry for my bad english.

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Hello there!  I recognize you from the HIV forum.  I'm glad to see you posting here, as you don't have an HIV concern.  Your English is fine, by the way.

Anxiety can cause very real physical symptoms for sure, even when anxiety is improving/resolving.  However, from what you describe, your symptoms sound more related to either a cold, upper respiratory infection (URI), allergies, something like that.  Anxiety doesn't typically cause a stuffy nose or sore throat.  Have you been seen by your doctor?  If not, that's where you need to start.  It could be that you've caught a garden variety virus that is causing cold like symptoms.  Some of those types of viral infections can be hard to shake, and it isn't uncommon to see recurrences of the symptoms.  The good news is, other than the annoying symptoms, those kinds of infections aren't usually a threat to your health.  If you've been experiencing higher levels of anxiety recently (which it seems you have based on your posts in the HIV forum), then your immune system could be stressed, which would explain why you're not "shaking" whatever is causing your symptoms.

Start with your doctor and then do from there.  It goes without saying that if you're still suffering from anxiety, you would benefit from therapy to help to change your thinking process.  

Good luck to you.
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Hello nursegirl... thanks very much for your very informative reply... since my english is very poor ... it is quite hard for me to understand what does it mean by
"shaking" in this sentence >> "which would explain why you're not "shaking" whatever is causing your symptoms"

Does it mean that I cant easily fight on whatever causing my symptoms due to my stressed immune system?? Im sorry for asking this hihi ^_^"" I just want a clarification.

You are very kind. God bless u.
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Meaning "get rid of" or "getting over".
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Oh I see... thanks again ^_^
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