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Can herbs be a real cure to stress?

What can be done as treatment to overcome memory problems, cognitive impairement and day dreaming?
I have heard that ginkgo, rosemary and ginsen are curable herbs to improve brain  power and improve memory, is that true?
any answer will be highly appreciated.

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I've been a guinea pig for almost every kind of natural nerve herbs on the market and I can say that they won't CURE anxiety, but they definitely help keep you focused and more optimistic. These are the most commonly used herbs for anxiety:
Kava kava
Lemon balm
St. John's Wort
and you can find these at any health food store.

All the best, Joe!
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Ginkgo is fine for short memory enhancement and ashwagandha is excellent for stress. I have used them both with fine results.
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The word "cure" is a tricky one, with any medicine, be it natural or allopathic.  What an herbalist or naturopath would do is look at your overall, or holistic, health, and work from there.  Different cultures have developed different systems of natural medicine.  What this means is that, worldwide, there are an awful lot of plants and cognitive techniques such as meditation that can be combined in many different ways to try and make you feel better.  It's a process, rather than the magic bullet symptomatic treatments used in allopathy, but both have their strengths and their weaknesses.  The only way you'll find out is to try.  Any herb, for example, that helps circulate oxygen and blood should help your cognitive difficulties, just as exercise and meditation should for the same reasons.  Gingko is one herb that does that, but herbs are generally used in combination, in formulas, not singly, and are often changed as a person progresses or through trial and error.  Gota kola is usually combined with gingko, but any hot herb will also improve circulation, such as cinnamon, tumeric, cayenne, and the like.  Some herbs strengthen the blood vessel walls, which also can help with circulation, such as butcher's broom, witch hazel, and gota kola.  There are a ton of natural remedies that can help with anxiety, including some of those mentioned above (although St. John's Wort is for depression, not anxiety).  Ginseng isn't just one herb -- some is aged longer than others and is therefore stronger, and Chinese ginseng is completely different in action than American ginseng, and eleuthero, which isn't ginseng at all but used to be called Siberian ginseng, works differently again.  Like ashwagandha, these are adaptogens, and can help the body adapt to stress and help the adrenals function properly, but some are stimulating which isn't so good for anxiety and some aren't.  So you really have two options here -- see someone with some expertise, or start researching and experimenting, but don't expect any one herb to solve your problems, or to solve them without dietary changes, exercise changes, etc.  And as with allopathic medicine, some are helped and some aren't -- that's baseball.
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