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Can some ne Please read and tell me what they think about Buspar

so most of you dont  know but  I am going through some withdrawl from getting off doc. prescribed pain meds for a cronic pain, so I have , or PAWS or just feel plain yucky.  So my doc, gave me this Buspar, does any one know about it, I really did not want benzo type meds, and I guess buspar takes a couple of weeks to start working, but then I read, about you should only take buspar for a few months.
I am so greatful for all of the advice everyone is giving me during this time of need,
peace to you all,
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Only thing I've been told is that Buspar doesn't work, and is mostly used as an adjunct to other meds because it just isn't very useful.  But it is weaker than benzos.  I guess the question is, is it helping?
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Yes doctor prescribed Buspar for me too after Lexapro didn't work, not started it yet though, need to do more research
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