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Can someone have social anxiety with someone they already know?

I understand that social anxiety or social phobia is when someone fears being in a normal social situation typically when meeting new people.  I would like to know is it possible to also have social anxiety, but only with people you already know. So the person actually has no worries when meeting new people, but have huge challenges when trying to have a plain ol' conversation with co-workers or even their own family members.
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Yes. I go through this with good friends that I've know for many years. Even sometimes with my family when we get together for holidays and such. Take care. Remar
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How long have you been having this issue?  Because i've been trippin for the last 8 years. I've been having inexplicable, overwhelming thinking difficulties every time I find myself around somebody I know.  Have you found a way to overcome or deal with it yet?
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Hiya yes, i get this too around everyone i know apart from my children, when people come over to see me, even though ive known some of them my whole life, i get extremely anxious and as a result i hide myself away from everyone and make excuses all the time to stop people coming over.....

I am currently seeing a therapist for this and other phobias, in the way of CBT..cognitive behavioural therapy although it does take alot of time and alot of commitment and involves facing your fears which is incrediably hard to say the least....although it does all depend how bad and to what extent your problem is.

Ive been having these issues in various degrees for the last 17years......right now though it is extremely bad.
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If there was one thing that you think helps you the most of out all the therapies or whatever what would you say it is.
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Some of the ways I've found to help me deal with it is to tell my friends that I have an anxiety disorder. My family of course has known since this all started.
I've found that some of my friends and extended family members also have anxiety after I've told them that I have it.
So my advice to you is tell your friends. If they don't know about anxiety and panic attacks ask them to do research on it.
It just really helps if they know so if your feeling anxious you can let them know.
When my mind goes blank around people I just say, give me a minute, I'm having an old timers moment! Ha ha. I can get away with that because I'm older than you. Take care. Remar
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Oh yeah.  Same thing is problem for me.  I can go to Starbucks and blather for ages with a clerk or total stranger and be fine...of course have to get up the courage to leave apt first lol!
Since I told family what my problem is things are better in a few ways.  There are still moments with certain family members where I feel trapped (you know they are trying to "help" by suggesting things to fix you).
Do you think you are p***** with anyone in family?  That has been a problem for me.
Another thing: are you anxious at the thought of being in a family gathering, then  ok after you get settled in?  
I got through Xmas thingy @ sister's fine.  Took half a Klonopin and Lomotil (recovering from anal cancer ...can have accidents especially when nervous).  
Wonder if it would help you to track your anxiety with family in a journal for awhile.
I do it off and on.  Good luck, Chance.  You are definitely not alone:).
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Erm i think the one thing over everything that helps is being honest with people about ur condition. You need to explain to your friends and family exactly how you feel when around them and you need to explain that if you need to leave or you need them to leave your house it anit cause your being rude, but because of your illness.  

I still do feel very guilty about asking someone to leave (i feel rude) but they seem to take it far better than i do....the majority understand and i find if they don't then they anit worth having around you anyway and they wern't truely your friend....

I guess this in itself will have the calming effect on you as well, as you will feel less trapped in the situation and so feel better able to cope.
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I too suffer with bipolar and found this forum comforting to know that other do suffer with conversation skills. I've been beating myself up over it for a long time because I can't seem to function normally like I use too. I usually avoid social gatherings lately because I am afraid I won't know what to say because my brain is in a fog and I can't remember things then I worry if I don't contribute in the conversation I will be judge as a snob and no one will like me or they will never include me again. I have a hard time even with one on one lately. I think if I don't some how keep the conversation going they may end of thinking I am boring and not like me and reject me. This has been a problem I have had for the past few years since I seem to be in a more depressive state of this illness. I even get this way around my family sometimes and they know I suffer. I have found it very comforting to know I am not alone and I feel all your pain and frustration, it's hard.
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