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Can the contraceptive implant implanon cause anxiety and depression?

I have had the implanon now for 2 years and since then have experienced 6 month cycles of extreme depression and anxiety followed by periods where i return to my normal happy mood and behaviour.  For the last month I have been feeling hightened level of anxitey, which have caused social withdrawal, and fellings of sadness and depression. Most worringly, recently i have had thoughts of self harming.

I couldn't seem to put my finger on why I was feeling this way, and till tonight, hadn't considered the possibility that it could be the implanon. I have done some brief reseach and found that the implanon can cause depression, but I am concerned can it completely explain the reason for my extreme long-term changes in mood, or is there something more deep routed?
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I had the Implanon for about 16 months during that time  I was feeling very anxious and even suffered with panic attacks social withdrawal, scary thoughts  etc
These are feelings that I have never experienced before in my life and I  felt that I was losing my mind.
I had the Implanon removed about four months ago and I feel so much better.
I hope that this helps you

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I'm a nutritionist.  Here's how you can find out for sure..HAVE THE IMPLANT REMOVED!  You have no idea how bad it is to screw with your hormones like that.  Bad for your body, and your mind.  And yes, this is likely the reason for your mood problems.  Learn how to do, Natural Family Planning (google this) until you figure out what you want to do to keep the babies away.  Good luck!
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Had the implanon fitted approx a month ago and have started to feel really low and depressed????
Haven't felt like this before, but is it possible to feel like this so soon after the implanton being fitted???

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Yes from what I have read. There is another question asked in this site that has many posts. I think it may answer your questions. I just Googled  Implanon contraceptive implant and scrolled down and found this site. Keep looking in here. I hope you find it. It has answered some questions for me. I didn't even realize that some questions I had been asking myself could be related to this implant.

I hope you are doing better at this point.
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I have had the Implanon implant for nearly 3 months now. Up until recently I thought it was a dream come true as far as birth control was concerned. Unfortunately it seems to be messing with my hormones in ways I hadn't even imagined. The mood swings and depressive state I am in, along with my irregular periods and decreased stress threshold are really getting to me. Does anyone know-- can these issues be resolved WITHOUT removing the implant? Would it be safe to take an antidepressant? I know everyone reacts differently so the answer I already know, is perhaps Yes.... More information would be great. Good luck to all!

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Wow, I'm glad I googled this. I've had the Implanon in for the same amount of time as you, and the exact same thing has been happening to me. I had depression and sought counselling just after the first few months, for a duration of 6-8 months. Just recently, almost a year later, I've found that I'm tending back toward that same place. It seems worse this time, if the fact that I have been eating much less and unable to sleep. It's 7am at the moment, and I've not slept at all during the night. I thought it could have been a food allergy, as I have had some physiological effects, such as head and stomach aches, and irregularity with my bowels, but coupled with the Implanon and stress, I think it has kick-started the depression. Thank you for asking this question, as I am given hope by the fact that others have seemingly had the same problem.
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