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Cancer Phobia....

So I've been on here a lot in the past month. Worried about a lymph node- which has since gone away and it wasn't even a lymph node it was a pimple that ended up being really deep under the skin and went away on its own. Then worried about my stomach and intestines again. I have this gnawing rolling growling but it can't feeling and it feels like there's air in there and I can't get it out but my brain is like no it's probably a tumor. And I've been worried about bowel cancer. I keep checking my movements to see if there's blood in them and I'm like overly looking like is that blood or does that look kinda red or is it okay? Like its bad. I'm 24. No history of bowel cancer or anything in the family. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 70 and she beat it and is fine now. I had a full physical and blood test with fasting two and a half months ago. I can't keep going to the doctor but I'm going insane. People are saying if I keep worrying about it it'll happen and it's scaring me.
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Annie, ask yourself this question, and really take some time to ponder it: will worrying about something prevent it from happening? Worry is a useless emotion. It's not helping you in any way whatsoever, and is only making you miserable. If you aren't seeing a therapist about this, I highly recommend it. By the way, I disagree with your friends who are saying if you worry about something, it's more likely to happen. That's not true either, so forget about that. But your friends mean well. Stop poking and prodding yourself, stop checking your bowel movements, and no googling symptoms either. Focus on living your life to its fullest potential. I hope that helps.
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