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Candida Overgrowth & Fear of Anaphylaxis

I'm 16, female, no known allergies, not on any medication. I have an extrodinary fear of anaphylaxis, to the point at one stage I actually stopped eating. I'm currently seeing a psychologist and working on this, but for some reason I have been noticing random hives on my body (which is obviously very disconcerting to me). And when I say random, I mean random. Any time of the day, any part of the body, at any location, and they occur regardless of food intake. After very extensive research, I have heard of candida (yeast) overgrowth, which has a wide range of symptoms, and it is very likely that I have this.

In more severe cases of candida overgrowth, it begins to affect your immune system and can cause allergies. I'm so scared of this happening. To kill off the candida, you have to go on the "Candida Diet" which is very strict, and consists of cutting out huge amouts of carbohydrates, sugars, lactose, and fermented foods. I am willing to go on this diet if it benefits my immune system and stops the hives aswell as my fear of allergies. However my biggest concern is if I cut out these foods, I'm scared that when I return to eating them my body will see them as foreign or dangerous and cause an allergic reaction. Is this likely or would it be the opposite???

Does anyone else have a similar fear or experienced candida overgrowth? Any advice would be appreciated please.
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First, you haven't been diagnosed with candida, so that's your first step.  It starts in the vaginal area, and can be easily diagnosed by your doctor.  You would have probably noticed it by redness, burning, itching and smelly discharge.  Systemic candida isn't that common, and occurs when you don't treat a candida infection or you take a lot of antibiotics.  So you're way ahead of yourself.  If you do have a candida infection that gets systemic, you would be very fatigued and have similar symptoms to chronic fatigue syndrome.  If you do have that, it's unlikely if you choose to treat it with diet that you would ever be able to go back on a normal diet anyway.  But I seriously doubt you have it from your description.  The way you get it is a die-off of your beneficial bacteria that allows it to get a foothold, and it becomes chronic when you have a chronic die-off.
sometimes candida can feel like systemic but not show up in blood urine etc tests the specific one that is on the rise and basicly invisiblke and sometimnes untestable is C.Parapsilosis
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C.Parapsilosis can be mistaken for as well as cause these other disorders, conditions, and diseases....Anxiety, Asthma,Fibromyalgia, Increased allergies in people who already had mild allergies naturally, Sudden raised blood pressure with no explanation such as u take care of yourself and are normal weight and eat healthy and always had normal blood pressure until suddenly youre hit with bad blood pressure (may or may not apply to you) Symptoms very widely and match over 150 different diseases. May be hard to determine which disease it is if it is not C. Parapsilosis causing it but if I were a doctor C.parapsilosis testing would be mandatory in the 20th century to immediately rule it out first since if its not that its most likely 1 or more of 150 diff diseases C. parapsilosis can effect all ages sometimes babies are born with it mostly its been found in elderlys lungs and they have needed hospitalisation to get rid of it ...It is now confirmed to be found in the ears as well...I believe it can spread to brain etc.
The problem is a layman ceramicbird with no men=dical training is Googling for diseases and trying to do a doctor's job. The reality is you can find any disease on Google and someone who seems to fit your profile dying of this disease. There can never be any peace in your life if you Google for diseases.

You will drive yourself crazy with anxiety if you don't stop this and instead leave it to the professionals to diagnose you. It is good that you are seeing a psychologist to help you with this problem, and I hope you explain everything to them so they get a total understanding of how you feel.
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