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Can't fall asleep due to heart palpitations

Ps: Sorry for bad English.

I can't fall asleep due to my heart palpitations. Every day before I go to bed, my heart gone crazy and doesn't let me to sleep. I'm worry about not sleeping. And it's a vicious circle now.

Try to sleep > Can't fall asleep due to heart palpitations > Sleeplessness > Anxiety > Worry about not sleeping > Try to sleep > Can't fall asleep due to heart palpitations... Here's the vicious circle of my situation.

Afraid to lose my mind and can't study to my lessons because of insomnia.
Help please.
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I have the same issue. My palpitations cause me to not sleep and then I worry about other things that bring on anxiety attacks.
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I hope that both of us will be fine.
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I notice sometime soon as I'm about to fall asleep emu heart rate goes up and it scares me I think we all we be fine. Idk if your spiritual or not but just pray.
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This is pretty much what I'm going through now. I'm going to the doctor later in the day to see if anything can be done.
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