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Can't go on

I can't take this any longer I have tried many forums and online doctor and nothing.
My real doctor says i have depression and anxiety ...They fob everyone off with this diagnosis!
I have had blood tests an endroscopy and thats it theyt gave my the endroscopy because they tried checking for hpylori (clear) an also the GORD/GERD was a wrong diagnosis also.
It started in april last year i went to the a+e i thought i was having a heart attack.  they did a chest xray and blood tests said i was fine.
later my doctor  said it was the anxiety and stuff..
My symptoms are (and have been increasing)
Bone pain, my back ALOT!..right jhip and wrists.
stomach upset and bloating alot recently growing larger
blurred vision headaches(doctor said get eyes checked so i did they were fine)
bad sleep but fatige allways
cant eat as much
if i dont eat often i get stomach pain and dizziness and sicky feeling
i have not been able to get a full breath of air apart from 2 weeks about 3 months after this started   and its been a year on the 18th of april!
i feel smoothered
i get sudden pains in my abdomen alot they bring me to a halt and i have to catch my breath (the best i can!)
my toilet habbits have changed but not  in any way that my research canput as a symptom of anything
my head has a constant headache all the time and shocking feelings like lighting going through it at times but the constant foggy pain is there 24/7. also my scalp is sore to touch it feels like (im sorry for my very bad explanation here) but when you scratch your skin with your nail the feeling you get on your skin after that..thats what my scalp feels like all the time
I feel like i am dying and i dont want to but really i can not go on anymore like this i do not beleive the doctors are right i beleive they are trying to save money and not checking me out!!!
I fear fallinbg asleep incase i do not wake up 24/7 i am fully aware of my heart beet coming out of my throat and chest i get pains in my lower left ribcage alot too.
I just fear i will die and i do not want to , but at the same time with no one listening i canmt go on with the pain and fear any longer
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I forgot to mention the constant hot cold hot cold my body wont stay right.
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I am so sorry that you are going through such a hard time right now.  I am not a dr so I can't for sure what is wrong with you but I will say that alot of what you are describing can be caused by anxiety.  I have been suffering with it for 11 years and it is awful.  I suffer from health anxiety.  

The first thing I am going to suggest to you is...please don't research your symptoms on the internet.   The internet is a great place for information but not for medical conditions.  You will end up doing more harm then good because you will begin to believe you have every horrible disease known to man.

You might want to consider seeing a psycologist.  Please don't think of that as a bad thing because it isn't.  They are trained to help people suffering from anxiety and depression and together you will come up with a treatment plan that works for you.

Writing in a journal can be really helpful too....Sometimes just getting some of your feelings out on paper will help you relax.  Listening to Chakra sessions might not be a bad idea either.

Please know that you can overcome anxiety.  It takes alot of hardwork and help but you can do it.  Keep posting here too because everyone on this forum has been here one way or another and we all understand.

I hope you start feeling better soon....Smile!!!

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Hey hun. I'm sorry you are going thru this. But for sure you are not alone. I had the samething going on and still do. I have had so many test and so many sleepless nights. Not able to eat feeling like I'm going to die scared out of my mind. Its very hard for me to work and take care of my son whom is only four.

I'm not taking any meds even after my dr say it will help with the symptoms. And I don't want just the symptoms to stop I want it to go away all together. I'm in therapy now which had helped alot and now I'm waiting for an appointment with a physiatrist to get more help.

I know how hard it its to deal with this. Is you try to not focus I the symptoms it self it will start to go away slowly. Yes it takes time and lots of refocus but it is possible to get better. I'm no dr just an medical assistant but to me your symptoms sounds all to close to what I'm going thru.

My heart still beats out my chest I'm still with headachs and that derealization is the worst. My body aches so much and my chest is painful.

I color velvet pictures and watch lots of funny movies and reads lots of books to focus on something else other then wrists going on with me. The mind is so powerful it can make things go wrong.

And like the other pay said google was my worst enemy it made and still do make my symptoms worst. I feel/felt like I have every illness under the sun because of the net. You have to try to stop that its going to make you worst.

If you haven't seen this web site yet you should check it out. its called anxiety centre it has all anxiety symptoms on there. And also panic no more is a site you can check out helped me so much.

Hope you feel better soon I'm here to chat if need be. Your not alone It can and will get better.
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wow for the past few days i as well been feeling pain like in my ribcage i think its my lungs i cry because the xrays came out fine & i keep asking myself if the docters where wrong or they didnt check correctly . i wanted to go to the er again but i dont because it comes & goes when i least expect it sometimes i feel like im going to stop breathing  your not alone i as well am looking for answers
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