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Can't live like this!!!!!

I am a Nursing Student with two kids (2 and 8) and married.  I have been having so called "panic attacks" like every other day.  I feel all sorts of symptoms, chest tightness, shivering, rapid heart beat, weak arms and legs and neck.  I have had an Echo and Stress test and both were ok.  Plus nothing significant in my blood work.  I am a runner and consider myself pretty fit.

Lately these attacks have really been getting to me.  The scariest part is when I feel I can't breathe.  I have tried to mind control it and tell myself you are ok, but nothing seems to work.  It is very very depressing.  My husband thinks I am crazy and is tired of talking about this.  So I feel so alone.  These attacks have been coming with increasing frequency since school started (I am 50% done right now).

I am glad to read I am not the only one going through this.  I don;t want to be all dramatic and call the ambulance when I get short of breath and tingling with tetany in my hands due to hyperventilation, but I am scared.  Sometimes I have weird sensation as I dose off to sleep as well like I am gasping for air and falling.  Please if anyone can offer any words of advice or comfort that would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you been evaluated by a psychiatrist?  You can take medicine and then at the same time learn CBT. Sometimes psychologists are better at teaching it.
I understand about the husband. Mine can not comprehend mental illness of any form. He doesn't understand my brain doesn't make enough or makes too many chemicals. Some people need to see blood before they recognize any thing is wrong or you're hurting.
  I know you get the panic attacks at night too, but for school can you spend more time being better prepared? This would slow down the fear response that usually triggers an anxiety attack.
  You're already doing the right things. Controlling and being aware of breathing. Especially if you catch yourself in the Pre attack mode. Just when you notice the tightness. Before it has a chance to take hold.
  Yoga and meditation are also good ways to keep the attacks from coming.
  Good luck in school. You'll get this thing under control. Maxy
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Surely you're under a great deal of stress, with two young kids and studying to be a nurse. Perhaps you are not coping well with the stress, or simply have too much on your plate. I agree with CRS, try to learn some stress management techniques. Guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, whatever.

As for the weird sensations in bed at night, it seems as if you are describing a hypnic jerk. Very common thing. Not sure about the gasping for air thing -- if it were happening while you sleep, I would say you have sleep apnea.

You ought to consider seeing a psychologist/therapist. CBT might be helpful. You might also consider asking your PCP for a prescription for Ativan as needed.

I hope you're doing better soon!

It's sad that your husband isn't being more supportive and at least trying to understand. You too CRS.
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disease anxiety phobia is what ur experiencing I have it also whare every little thing worries u on ur body and causes anxiety and panic attacks the worst thing u can do is go to er or health doc instead go to mind doc and get some mind meds to help with anxiety I wish someone would have told me this before I kept going to er until I found quack doctor to treat me for something I didn't have now I have severe side affects from shots that I didn't need and never google symptoms it almost ruined my life  good luck hope u get to feeling better
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