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Celexa Question

I've been taking Celexa for only two days and I was wondering if, even though I take it at night before I go to bed, could it cause drowsiness when I wake up and during the day? I wake up feeling very tired, like I hadn't slept much during the night even though I've been sleeping 8 hours. I also have an incredible loss of appetite. I just tried having a bowl of cereal and I could barely eat it. I'm only on 10 mg, and I also have Ativan (.5mg) which I take when I feel as though I need to, mainly before bed because recently I've had anxiety about not being able to sleep (I was having random heart palps right before I'd fall asleep).

Anyone who has experience with Celexa I would be very grateful if you could help me out! I'm going on vacation next week and I'd hate to feel like this the whole time.
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Yes, those are both fairly common side effects that WILL improve after a week or two.  The good thing is, vacation is a perfect time to rest!  So, if you're feeling a little more tired than usual, you can take it easy!  Try not to focus too much on the side effects, really, for most people, they don't stick around too long.

Hang in there!
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Thank you! I feel a lot more rested today than I did yesterday and I already feel like I'm improving :)
I'm just wondering, if I don't have insomnia from the Celexa right now, I won't end up getting it in the long run, correct? I assume it would have effected me by now if it was one of my side effects.
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