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Celexa and weight gain

I have read that this drug can make you gain weight; I have gained about 20 lbs since i started taking it. But I don't see myself going w/o any treatment, so....  If I did stop taking it, would the weight come off, or would I have to diet to get it off?????   And what is a better drug to take?  I am ADD/ADHD and really stressed out.  I feel better when I take celexa 20 mg. daily and 5mg of Ritalin twice daily.  I am only 4'11" and this weight  HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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The loss-gain equation is entirely mechanical and mathematical and I don't care WHAT Jenny Craig says. If the amount of energy going IN is MORE than the amount expended -you gain; if the amount going in is LESS than that expended, you lose. Period.

Does Celexa cause your burn rate to slow down? Maybe. Actually, the prescibing information from the drug's manufacturer, Forest, reads as follows:

"Weight Changes
Patients treated with Celexa in controlled trials experienced a weight loss of about 0.5 kg compared to no change for placebo patients."

In other words, on the average, people taking the drug lost a few oz. Big deal. And your mileage will vary, see doctor for details.

At some point you must choose which is more important: looking good or feeling good. I suggest you choose feeling good, because if you ARE feeling good, then you should better be able to manage your weight as you wish. Yes?
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Do you have a regular workout routine?  I experienced some weight gain initially, but I focused more on nutrition and cardivascular workouts and an added benefit is looking and feeling better!  Exercise has often been touted as a natural anti-depressant and in my experience both on and off an SSRI like Celexa, it really helps.
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I've been on Celexa for 4 months now and I can't say that I've noticed a difference in my weight - yet.  Although I have started an exercise program and I have to agree with cj:  it makes me feel so good!  I hope that I can use it as a "natural anti-depressant" once I've been weaned off of the meds....
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I'm currently on Cymbalta after having a breakdown due to my husband committing suicide.  I've gained 28lbs and feel terrible, i suffer from arthritis and the pain in my hips has become so bad i've had to up the dose of Tramadol i'm taking ( i know about the risks ).  I already had a good exercise regime and i've upped it considerably - i really can't do any more than i am and i can't eat any less.  Has anyone had any experience with Celexa in terms of losing weight after being on another medication ?

from Vikie, UK
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