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Celexa vs. Buspirone

  I was prescribed 20 mg of Celexa for anxiety.  I took it for 10 days, and experienced dizziness and increased anxiety attacks.  My doctor told me to stop taking it and prescribed me 10mg Buspirone tablets to take 3 times per day.  I haven't started taking it yet, because I'm afraid of the side effects that may come with it.  Will this medication give me the same side effects as the Celexa did?  
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Everyone responds differently to medication. Try to stay in close contact with your doctor to stay on top of all side effects. I was on Celexa for a while and had to stop taking it because of sexual side effects and really bad constipation. Good luck!
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Ya they told me about those kinds of side effects, but I don't think I was on it long enough to experience those.  I talked to a nurse at work an she said her husband had a bad reaction to Celexa that was pretty similar to mine.  And he is on Wellbutrin now and is fine.
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i was on 60 mg of celexa, the maximum dose and did fine. try out the new medication. its not like you're risking any serious long term side effects like tardive dyskinesia, which is associated with antipsychotics.
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Wellbutrin is generally used for depression, not anxiety, since it tends to be stimulating as  a pure anti-depressant.  While it may help you, I'd probably try a different ssri first, and ten days isn't long enough to tell how a med will work -- some of these early side effects go away.
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