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I suffer from severe GAD. I have been on Xanax fro the past 5 yrs (2-3 mg a day as needed...which is everyday) I had a miscarriage about 6 months ago...the ob doctor assured me it was not due to the medication. I have taken SSRI's like Paxil, Zoloft...Effexor, but have stoped taken them because they did not work for me as far as anxiety goes. Now my psych doc wants to wean me off xanax and has prescribed Celexa.....I read on a previous post you wrote that celexa is not good for anxiety..is this correct ?  I explained to her that I do not want to be on any SSRI's because they do not work for me. The xanax is the only thing that has worked for me. I am 36 yrs old and plan on TTC soon. I have read all the information on xanax and pregnancy, but I honestly belief that the benefits would outweigh any risks in my case. When I found out I was pregnant...I tried to stop the xanax slowly with buspar and could not. I did not eat, or sleep for days.....cried all day and night....I believe maybe that is what contributed to my miscarriage. Can you please give me any advice on xanax while pregnant? Can you please tell me if Celexa will be helpful with my anxiety ?? At this point I do not plan on starting the celexa...I do not want to add more medication to my system that may not work and then have to get off of it if I do get pregnant...I am so afraid of the withdrawal symptoms...I remember them when I stopped the Paxil...they were horrible !! Any advice is so much appreciated...  
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I was on Celexa and i am pregnant my doctor told me it was best not to take it anymore it can cause birth defects. i am having withdraws and it sucks really bad i hope it will go away soon...but i am sorry about your loss. and i kind of know what you are going through with your meds.
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