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Today I started on 10mg of celexa in the morning and I seem to feel slightly better.I also take valium when I need to for my anxiety.I have anxiety and panic dissorder mainly regarding my heart which has been extensively tested and given a clean bill of health.I just hope celexa works for me because everything else has done nothing.Remeron made me feel stoned,zoloft increased my anxiety,and effexor made me extremely manic.I pray to god that celexa will be the one.If anybody has any feedback on it regarding its efficacy for my condition(cardiac neurosis),then please reply.
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Have you ever had an alcohol problem? My anxiety was mainly due to my alcoholism and the celexa seems to help a lot. I have been on it for two years and haven't even experienced any side effects save a bit of weight loss and loss of appetite.
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I suffer with exactly the same problem as you! Its nice to find someone who shares the same anxiety. I yake celexa started it 5 days ago and can see a small improvement already. I have still had some anxiety and panic but I seem to be dealing with it better. The last three months I have been the the emergency department nearly 3 times a week convinced something was wrong with my heart. I have driven everyone crazzy with my obsession.
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