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I have anxiety. I've always been an "anxious" person, however, I'm 39 years old and started getting bad anxiety last year. I had a bout with Bronchitis and for some reason, I got an anxiety attack and literally thought I was dying.  (This occurred last Jan 06). I started seeing a therapist. She helped me with some relaxing techniques, etc. We decided NOT to try any anti anxiety medicines because I was doing well. No attacks until Nov 2006 when I got sick again with bronichits. What made it worse is they put me on a steriod inhaler and alburterol which made me nervous. I was panicking that I was going to die. And this happens when I get real sick or if my kids get real sick. I think the worse. It's worse around my period. I panic, cry, I'm mean, I just cannot cope. My worry is starting to effect my family.  I worry about my children, my husband, myself. It's horrible. I know it's not right, and I tell myself that. I started back with my therapist.  We may try Celexa, 10 mg. My sister takes it for the exact same reason. Anxiety runs in our family.  She has no trouble with Celexa. Can anyone tell me about sides effects you may have experienced.
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In my paragraph I wrote "I'm mean, I cannot cope", I meant to say "I mean, I cannot cope"...I don't want anyone to think I'm a mean person, I'm far from it. : )
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Be careful. I have trouble sleeping and my sister told me that she was on Lexapro (an ssri) She told me that it made her sleep better.  She also told me that since she is my sister and we share the same bloodline then it shouldn't bother me.  I wasn't what you would call a nervous person.  I mentioned it to my doctor and he gave me a prescription for Lexapro.  I tried it and thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. It has been almost two months and I am still on Xanax because of it.  It has just about ruined my life.  I would have never been on one of these boards a few months ago.  I was a normal guy with insomnia. I have spoken to quite a few people that have had this reaction to all ssri's.  Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro. Prozac and the rest of them.  They work with most people, but there are a lot of us that can't tolerate them.  I only took two pills and am still messed up and nervous along with insomnia.
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Thank you for your information. I am not a person who likes to take  medicine. And having that bronchitis, all those inhalers, antibiotics, etc. really gave  me anxiety. I'm not one who likes to be sick and it freaked me out because I NEVER get sick.  Of course now my kids are in school, they bring home everything.

My sister is on Celexa and my therapist said if my anxiety gets worse, because my sister and I have the same "bloodline", Celexa would work for me. I am trying other things like yoga, excercising more, eating better,  reading and seeing my therapist, she has given me some relaxing excerises and techniques. It seems to help. I really thingk my problem is hormone inbalance, I'm 39 years old now, getting close to pre-menopause.  I really don't want to take any anti anxiety/depression prescriptions, I really want to do this naturally. My sister is on it because her anxiety is real severe.

I, too, would have never thought of going to one of these boards and talk about my illnesses until my anxiety attacks.  but I will get over this, I am working on it.

Good luck, I hope you start to feel better soon.
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My doctor prescribed Celexa to me back in Aug/Sept.  I had one effect that I could not seem to shake that made me quit taking it completely and that was that I would wake up in the middle of the night more anxious than ever and not be able to go back to sleep.

I had some other physical anxiety problems recently and he asked me to begin taking it again.  I took it and ended up having the same effects.  I am scheduled to go back to see him and he is going to hopefully prescribe something else.

I know that anxiety-reducing meds can be hard to nail down as far as what works for an individual, so you may have great luck with Celexa whereas others of us might not.  Good luck!
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