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Chest Pain

I am 20yrs old, and recently for about the past week, i've had a weird feeling on the right side of my chest...when I tend to wake up in the morning and I reach for my alarm clock with my right arm I get a sharp small pain in my chest. Throughout the day I get small pains and I cant really describe how it feels. Anyone have any suggestions, its freaking me out and at the time I dont have insurance to see the doctor. I have ruled out heart burn but im reading more into this whole anxiety related issue.
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i am 17 yr old female and for the past few months ago i have experience a pain in the right side of my chest jus above my breast and also i felt a lump or mayb a swelling in the same spot n if i touch it to hard it hurts i haven't went to the doctor to check it out as yet but  sometimes it tends to jus give me a hard stab out of no where i also get shortness of breath and problem breathing should i be worried???
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thanks very much for the great advice
it really cheered me up
i think you were right with it being a muscle strain because
now it slowly seems to be going away but I will still make a trip to doctor soon!
you kind comment was really appreciated and needed!
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Chest pain on the RIGHT side of your chest is rarely associated with your heart. There are also about a hundred things that could be causing this pain. When you tell us that by reaching for your alarm clock with your right arm, this is when you feel the sharp pain in your chest. My first thought is that you've pulled a muscle in your chest wall which is exacerbated when you reach for the alarm. If you're thinking heart attack, trust me, a heart attack will show up without the alarm clock!
That you feel this pain periodically during the day also makes me think you've simply pulled a muscle. Can you think back to what you're doing when you feel this pain? Are you reaching for something? Picking something up? Is your body in an odd position? These could be the reasons you pulled a muscle in the first place.
Please understand that this is NOT a diagnosis! As I said, there are many reasons you could be having chest pain. But at your age, I doubt it is anything serious. But having said that, I must also say that in MY humble opinion, chest pain of ANY kind should not be ignored. I know you said you did not have insurance, but since this is obviously upsetting you enough that you've written to an anxiety forum, I would contact the doctors office, explain the situation and make payment arrangements.
In the extreme, you could always go to the emergency room at your local hospital. By law they cannot turn anyone away..........insurance or no. But the bill you receive will knock your socks off and you'll be paying that one for a very long time. You WILL, however, know the cause of your chest pain..........it's your call.
Go over to one of the Heart forums............you will get a great deal of support and information there.
I don't think you have anything to worry about, but I certainly understand your anxiety.
Write us any time and let us know how you're doing, OK?
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