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Chest burning need help!

I am so freakin frustrated at this point.. I have had severe health anxiety since January. I was doing so well for two weeks. I was having some chest burning about 2 weeks ago and my doctor told me it was probably my asthma but my inhaler wasnt working. I then had to get a septoplasty/turbinoplasty. As i was waking up from surgery the nurse told me my oxygen saturation was low and i needed to started breathing. I started to have a panick attack while still kind of loopy. All i could thinkabout was my breathing and my lungs and then i went to the doctor again to do a chest xray and make shre everythig looked fine (it did). I am wondering if anyone experiences this. It feel like my lungs are on burning or my back and chest wont expand and then i start to get worried. It happens even when i dont think its happening and im pretty sure its just my anxiety but i have no idea
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This sounds like classic anxiety and panic disorder. Just try to say to yourself that it is uncomfortable but nor dangerous.
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A common symptom for severe anxiety sufferers is hyperventilating and other breathing problems.  But while this is common, you have a doctor who told you it was your asthma and your inhaler wasn't working.  Was he right or wrong?  Many people report doctors not giving them the best treatment when they are anxiety sufferers, so are you saying your doc was wrong or what?  Nobody on here can diagnose if you have something physiological going on or if it's a symptom of anxiety.  So while it is a common anxiety symptom, it can also be a symptom of something else.  The only thing we can advise on here is that you appear to have a pretty bad anxiety problem no matter what's causing this particular problem, so what are you doing to treat that anxiety problem?  The waking from surgery situation sounds a bit odd to me.  You were there, I wasn't, but after surgery you're usually so sedated from the anesthesia it's about the only time we're anxiety free.  It takes longer to wear off than just that.  Because anesthesia suppresses every bodily process, some people might need a prompt to breathe deeply.  The last time I had surgery, because I didn't sleep much beforehand, they had a hard time waking me up afterward, I'm told.  They told my wife I was awake and in distress, but in fact I was just asleep and dreaming, probably, because I have no memory of waking up at that time.  I was just really tired because I don't sleep well and I was able to sleep thanks to the drugs in my system.  I'm only saying this to note that waking up from anesthesia is weird.  But again, if you're this anxious, are you in therapy for it?  On meds?  What are you doing about the part of this you know what's going on?  The rest of it we don't know any more than you do, hopefully your docs will get their act together and properly diagnose this problem as either anxiety or physiological.  Peace.
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Just to note, the three best times I've had since I developed my anxiety disorder were the two times I had a lot of anesthetic in me and the one time after surgery I was on opiates.  I was anxiety free, something no antidepressant ever did for me, but of course staying on those kinds of drugs wouldn't be my cup of tea.
I am currently taking Zoloft as well as seeing a therapist every week. For a while the inhaler had been helping and felt great but then it was like it wasn't so im not sure. I have also been trying to do meditation practices at night for sleeping. I have currently had 2 days of no chest pain after finally accepting that it was probably my anxiety. It is just so hard sometimes to believe that when you don't feel like thats what it is.
Meditating too close to bedtime might not be the best thing to do.  Don't know if you have trouble sleeping, but meditation is extremely restful, meaning it can leave you wide awake after doing it.  It's generally recommended, if it's a true meditation practice where you sit and meditate in some Buddhist or Taoist or Hindu originated practice, that you do it not soon before bedtime.  There are other practices that psychologists teach that aren't really true meditation practices but are really just relaxation practices, which are in a different category.  
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