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Chest pain in left side under nipple

25 yrs
6 ft
235-slightly overweight but work out at least 3-4 days a week

I have been battling sharp and squeezing left chest pains for about a year now. I have had EKGs, ultrasounds of the heart, stress tests, blood work like crazy, X-ray, MRI. Everything has come back perfect besides a little high cholesterol and a t wave inversion which is inconclusive and has been my base line the whole time. The docs and cardiologists have used my readings as teaching examples for their juniors as a model of perfection. My GP first diagnosed with costocondritis and acid reflux (this I know I have) and have prescribed medicine accordingly for the GERD and cholesterol. I have gone to multiple different physicians during the early stages of this and after the first couple the docs began saying anxiety but the only anxiety I say may have is of "what the hell is wrong with me?"  The general surgeon I went to see said that the pain I have in the chest, my sinus pain, dizziness,!and slight tingles or pain in the shoulder can all be related to GERD. I play basketball for two hours once a week and run a couple times a week and also sit in the sauna for a few. Any insight would be great. Thanks and god bless
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When you have the episodes of pain, do you have dizzyness? Radiating pain down your left arm and neck? Any increase in pain upon exertion?
Sudden shortness of breath?

If not, then trust what the doctor have been telling you - if the pain is cardiac, then the pain would increase upon exertion, when you had your stress tests, did you have any pain suddenly come on? Non-cardiac pain does not increase with exertion, it either stays the same or goes away. I would put the pain in the category of either it being musculoskeletal, or possibly nerve pain.
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The pain does not happen while exercising but hours or the day after I feel like the episodes happen more or intensify. My physical therapists said I had a rib in my back that was out of place slightly but there has never been any tenderness to the touch in front nor the back.
Walking around the store earlier I got a few pains and it was bothering me quite a bit but there never been anything that takes my breath away so to speak. No shortness of breath and just a day or two ago I was having stomach cramps and I felt like the right side of my neck in the back was on fire if I moved just the right way
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Hmmm, well could it be slipping rib syndrome?

The fact that one of your ribs is off-kilter makes the pain now seem likely, maybe it isn't tender to the touch, only when you move or sit in a certain position.

I think it is safe to say, after all tests and after what you've said it is definitely not cardiac in nature, no need to be concerned. But you should probably seek out more physical therapy or maybe a chiropactor to sort your rib problem out. ;-)
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WOW i have the same problum fell like i have a pin sticking in to me just under my nippel it only last for a few sec then goes just as quick like you i have had all the test and have not found any thing my gp is putting it down to GERD but i never thoet that GERD can caues that type of pain but i all so suffer from anxiety witc i have been told buy many docs that it can be the cause of the pain
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Ok, so I went to the ER last night cuz I was in so much pain. The pain kept coming and going and I finally had enough. As soon as I went in they hook me up to ECG and pulled out my old ones to compare. No changes it all. They left me hooked up to full ECG machine while they were processing some paperwork and getting som GERD mess together. Obviously the doc thought it was A productive of GERD and musculoskeletal. I they gavel a GI cocktail in the ER and sent me home. Since they left me hooked up to ECG the whole time I sat there nd watched it. During that time I had a couple of episodes but NOTHING at all showed on the ECG thus leading me to agree with the docs that this is not a cardio issue. Doc also told me that I don't have costocondritis but most likely some sort of musculoskeletal issue as well and agreed when I brought up the chiropractor
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I had lots of chest pain a year ago and gastritis. The gastritis can make me so sick that I go into panic mode. I also have some kind of pulled muscle in the rib area which I was quite sure was the reason for the pain, but the longer it went on the more "heart symptoms" appeared. All the "symptoms" were just anxiety playing tricks but I ended up in ER where they told me all was fine. I accepted the diagnosis especially after the doctor told me that I couldn't have a heart problem to the extent it was causing pain for that length of time as I would have died so that was the end of it.
It took 3 more months to clear up the frightening gastritis with a bland diet but knowing there was no heart problem made it simpler to deal with the frightening pain. The longer you keep wondering if there is a heart issue, the longer you will suffer. Accept the doctor's diagnosis and try to deal with the GERD, if that is possible.
Did you have to use ppi's to cure your gastritis?
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i have a pain in left side of chest just under my nipple but it is inside of chest and i dont no what it is im 22 male not over weight but im not healthy i have read all comments above and have same problem its hurts for a few weeks then just goes over night dont come back for a mouth or 2 then starts to hurt again but it is getting worst every time i smoke but dont thing that is the problem i just feels like i have pulled something but it has been going on and off for about 2 years now i know its not my heart so im not to worried about it but i wouldnt mind know what is coursing this pain i do a lot of driving and at first i thought it was were i was sitting up right all day but now it hurts just standing up laying down and sometimes breathing it can take my breath away some people online say it could be acid refelx but i dont have a clue any help would be great thanks
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Inam a 26 year old female. I too smoke. I have pains on the left side of my chest just wonder the breast. It at times feels like the start of a Charlie horse that goes straight through to my back by my shoulder blade. I get sharp pains in the middle of my chest that feela as if its closer to the surface like my breast bone. I get these strange feelings on the left side that radiate to my left arm all the way down. I get weird pains in my shoulder and in my elbow. It doesn't radiate anywhere. I have bad gerd, beginning stages of Barrett's esophagus, and a hiatal hernia. I am not sure if its the cause for the pains I described. I end up staying up all night freaked out! I also get these weird vibrations in my chest and I have also felt this in the back ofy foot right where my achelles tendon(if i spelled that right)and in my foot both left and right. I went to a cardiologist the other day. Currently waiting for a 24 hour heart monitor to be available and an ultrasound of my heart. Will have the results of them on the 18th!!!! I can't wait. I am so tired of feeling this way. Scared all the time.
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I too get these pains. Last year I pulled my left chest muscle while working out.  just under my armpit but I feel the pain in the dead centre and sometimes close to nipple but closer to the middle. Sometimes for weeks I'll feel like I'm out of breath but when I am playing soccer I am fine (competitive soccer) I haven't done any chest workouts in 2 weeks to see if it is my chest. I've been to hospital and they hooked me up to a machine and said it is not my heart.
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I so dont feel alone anymore. I went to the ER twice! Both time all signs, EKG and Chest Xrays showed that I was okay.  I went to my doctor while having a panic attack. EVERYTHING looked fine. I was placed on anxiety meds which works. Im still  wondering about all this because it seemed to have happened over night. My doctor assured me after looking at the results of my stressed test, that I was fine.  I apparently have good stress endurance.  However this really *****, and I will be glad when this all pass!
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Did you ever find out what was wrong? I have these pains exactly like you describe. I am 28 and ex-military. Also about 225lbs. I even get the dizziness from it which is the anxiety reaction. It makes my heart skip beats. I also have the t-wave inversion and have had a stress test an echo done. Also have GERD. My heart is fine so no idea what it is. He would have seen something in the echo if there was something in that area. I think it is weight. I feel great below 200lbs but once I hit about 215 I start getting the side effects.
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