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Cipralex, lexapro,...

I have tried this med few years ago for almost a year. At that moment, I had still anxiety and my doc change my med a few times in 6-8 months. Today, I think that I probably didnt give long anough to the med after upping the dosage. I was way to panicking over my symptoms and the fact that the anxiety didnt subside.

Everybody tells that even after upping a dose, you have to wait about 4-6 weeks bit the doctor said that with new med like cipralex you know how you are going to feel after almost two weeks... ?????

Is there any experience where people took a med that worked just okay the first time but worked better the second time around? Could that be possible? I just hope it will cause I am a little discourage!
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I'm having a hell of a time with cipralex. I took 20mg for 5 years due to anxiety related to a chronic illness. After my chronic illness had been dealt with he had found that I still have anxiety and it still is a problem so we tried to go back on it. It made me incredibly sick and we started at 5mg. I'm not sure why and I haven't tried again since.

In the end, I fully believe that if a medication is right for you it won't make everything better. Cipralex isn't made to drug you and make everything okay, it's to help you cope, so you can carry on with your life but still have to follow through with therapy, support groups, breathing exercises or whatever it is that you need to do to help yourself through a episode.
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Your doctor is not very well informed.  Lexapro takes about for to six weeks to work, and it does take time when you up the dosage.  Usually modern dosing, to play it safe, is to go up by 5mg increments, 10mg for depression, 20 mg for anxiety.  I agree with the above, it's always better if you can solve the problem without medication because medication just covers up the symptoms, but if you can't solve it any other way and need medication you do have to give it a chance and you do have to put up with side effects.  Some are tolerable, some are not.  Now, we're all individuals, and some will feel the effects very quickly and some very slowly and some in between, and we also change over time, so yes, it is possible that a drug that didn't work a few years ago might work later, especially since if you're on these meds for an extended period of time it is possible your brain will possibly be permanently altered to some extent -- sometimes the brain just can't go back to working normally.  Good luck.
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I should expand on this a bit -- when we're on these drugs a long time some researchers now believe it can permanently alter the way the brain naturally produces and utilizes serotonin.  That's why no matter what illness you have, if you can solve it without medication it's the best way.  But often we can't, and it's just something we have to live with.  It's not the worst thing in the world if there's no other solution.  But it does have to be taken into consideration.  It's not something to worry about, just something to be aware of so we don't let doctors always solve all our problems with the only thing they often know how to do, which is to match symptoms with medication.  Other professionals often have better tools.
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A third comment -- when I was on Lexapro, the psychiatrist left me on it a pretty long while before giving up.  Much earlier I was put on Zoloft and Prozac, but they didn't do anything and I ended up on the dreaded Paxil.  I often wonder if the trial with Zoloft in particular was too short, and now wish I'd tried it for a longer period of time, but I was still at the point of not knowing how little psychiatrists know about and tell us about these meds.  
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Thanks for the answers!
Yes, I have been dealing with big GAD. i have been taking med since a loong time.
I now found a psychologist that I work with since last summer. She is pretty good and she helps me a lot actually. But, I am really not able for now to come off the meds. Sometimes, I thinks I will never be... But hope one day I can! For now, I kind of accepted the fact that my brain has to be helped out with serotonine! ; )

But im kind of reassure but the fact that you said that it might work even if it didnt fully did. Years ago with cipralex!

Thanks again!
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