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Citalopram - burning sensation, side effects??

Hi I’ve been started on citalopram for mild anxiety as I’ve been unwell with dizziness and headaches for 5 weeks with no reasoning behind it. The doctor thought I was worrying too much therefore causing anxieties. They started me on sertraline 50mg and I developed this burning sensation all up my neck and head, goes into my arms and hands, and felt sick so I rang the gp and said I didn’t want it, she then offered 10mg citalopram, I’ve had 2 doses of this now and I still have the same symptoms, burning feeling in my back, shoulders, neck and head, going into my arms and hands, then my hands get really warm. I can’t seem to stop shivering and feeling cold, although I have no tempersture.
I know you can get side effects but surely these are too much? Iv had citalopram in the past for depression and don’t remember feeling like this.
Any help is welcome
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Side effects are a very individual thing.  Temperature changes such as usually sweating are a common side effect of antidepressants.  Chills can be too but are also a common side effect of anxiety, so there's that.  But I'm wondering, you say you have mild anxiety.  You say you've had dizziness and headaches for 5 weeks, which would go more along with the chills and shivering than taking an antidepressant.  But I have had chills while I was on Celexa, and not nearly as much since I stopped taking it, so maybe it does cause this.  But again, anxiety is mostly thoughts, and those thoughts if they become bothersome enough can cause physiological symptoms.  You say your doctor said it might be worrying too much.  How much do you worry?  Are you overwhelmed with irrational fears?  Do you find yourself obsessing about being afraid to do certain things that didn't bother you before?  Anxiety isn't a secret, you know it when you have it at the clinical diagnosis stage because the anxious thoughts are interfering with your happiness and functioning.  You don't put someone on an antidepressant because the doctor can't figure out what's wrong unless you are in fact suffering a great increase in anxious thinking that preceded these physiological symptoms.  Further, mild anxiety doesn't call for medication, which as you are finding out isn't easy to take and isn't easy to stop taking.  It comes with side effects that sometimes we get used to and sometimes we don't, that sometimes are just start-up and sometimes are permanent as long as we take the med.  That's why meds are for people who are having significant problems functioning and enjoying life because of their thinking.  Maybe that's you, but if I had mild anxiety, I'd be seeing a therapist, not taking drugs.  Personally, I'd want to see a specialist or a different doctor about those headaches and dizziness before attributing it to anxiety and going on medication in the "hope" it's anxiety.  Because antidepressants don't treat illnesses other than those caused by anxious or depressed thinking.  So tell us, just how bad is this anxious thinking you're having, because there a ton of causes for headaches and dizziness other than anxiety.  
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Thanks for your reply.
I didn’t think I was anxious at first, but she said that I’m getting quite emotional and worrying about what is wrong with me so maybe an anti depressant would take the edge off?
I mean yes understandably I am worried about what is wrong with me, no body seems to know what is going on.. I’ve seen the gp more times in the last 5 weeks than I have my life I think, I have an MRI booked for my head in a days time, and an ENT appointment for December which isn’t much help. I’m taking stemitel for the dizziness and nausea, and constant pain killers for the headaches.
I know I have a lot of muscle tension in my shoulders and neck which is more than likely contributing to the headaches, so last week saw a osteopath. Which that made me feel awful for 2 days too.
I feel the same as you, if I don’t need to take them I don’t want to, but admittedly I have been stressed before I got I’ll, I wouldn’t say massively, but looking back I would feel an awful dread feeling before going to work, then get quite anxious at work... but not to the point where I couldn’t function normally.
I just feel I’m already not well and trying to deal with the symptoms of that, and I don’t want an anti depressant making them worse.
10 mg is a low dose, more like a starter dose so I wonder if you really got that kind of side effect from this med since you thought you already were feeling this way before. No one can diagnose you from here, and it is even possible that you might be mixing up your temperatures - on the other hand there are actual diseases and conditions that cause these sensations too, so continue to see what doc can figure out if it persists. Good luck because headaches and body pains can be aggravating.
Side effects start right away, at whatever dose.  The normal doses for Celexa and Lexapro are lower than for some other drugs, like Zoloft, but 10mg is a good place to start.  But it isn't necessarily to ever go a lot higher than that.  The effects you're hoping for start withing about 4-6 weeks for most people.  I found both Lexapro and Celexa, but more Lexapro, have some weird effects, including the sweats, but also pressure in the head.  It got worse as the dose went up.  On the other hand, this person got similar weird reactions from Zoloft.  Serotonin is responsible for so many things that happen in the body, and sometimes a particular drug just is hard to start and hard to be on.  But if you don't stay on them for awhile, you don't find out if the effects are going to go away or not.  At any rate, I noticed side effects of Celexa at 10mg.
Right, side effects do start quickly. My only point left now is that he thought he had that feeling before with the other med and didn't take a break when he quit it to see if the effects were from it. So unless he stays off both meds for a few days, he won't know if they are causing this problem.
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