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Citalopram and Weight Gain

I gained about 30 lbs on Citalopram. I work out and eat healthy. I just saw a new doctor and he believes the Citalopram is causing my weight gain. I have been on it for about 18 months. I am now taking half a pill of Citalopram in order to wean myself off of it. My doctor then prescribed me Bupropion HCL (take twice a day). He says that should help with weight loss. Has anyone had good experiences with Bupropion? Did you gain weight on Citalopram? Thanks!!!
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The sex drive is good to know. Citalopram also gave me that side effect. I am glad the Wellbutrin did not make you gain weight. I wonder how long until it is out of my system. The doctor said if i quit cold turkey on Citalopram, it can cause bad side effects. That's why I am taking half a pill of it. I know you are not a doctor, or maybe you are, but how long until you think the Citalopram is out of my system? Thanks!
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Hi there...I take Wellbutrin XL (300 mg extended release bupropion) and no I didn't gain weight on it.  I have been on differing doses for over 2 years.  Also, no loss of sex drive if that is important to you which is a common side effect of most of the other medications used for anxiety.
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