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Clonazepam Question

First off I would like to thank everyone who contributes their time and knowledge to this site. I do not post much but do look at others posts often. I have been suffering with anxiety and panic for about 2 years now and 1 1/2 of which I felt it was under control but not 100%. Clonazepam helped me a ton I currently take .5 2x a day and am oked by my doc to take it 3x a day if I feel I need to up my dose. The problem I have now is after a year and a half of taking one generic my health ins. requsted that I go mail order and they are shipping me a different generic i think teva.  I gave it a shot and for a week or so everything was fine but after that I felt worse than I have in years. I is actually kind of scarry because I was thinking after about a year that I am doing great. I guess my question is could this really be happening or is it part of my sickness? Next week my wife is going to try to give me the med and not tell me which one it is becuase she says it is all in my head. After I try everything and if it dont work I will call my doc and have a sit down with him and just explain to him how I feel and probley just buy my script cash from the pharmacy as I think the money is worth my health. Any coments,suggestions,answers would be helpful. I am 30 years old non smoker and don't drink and I also had some pretty bad experiances with antidepresents. Plaese help!!!
PS the pill I am on now is pink and says r33 on it
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All I can say is that if you order offline and the likes you never really know what you are getting. Personally speaking I would feel a lot safer walking into a chemist and having them handing me out my medication. Now all that said, it could just be yourself. I could just be the same as you and might think the exact same things. It will be interesting to see if you can guess which tablet is which when your wife gives you them. What happens if you get it right every single time? Does your wife accept it might be the medication at this point. Or does she refuse to tell you anyway. Just not into ordered medication. Others might know different. Could be all the same. Just hope things pick up for you.
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Only can say Teva is one of the largest generic makers in the world, so it should be okay.  But I do believe in following one's instincts.
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Thank you Mr.Green,Paxiled and Ryan for your input. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I thought some time away would help some so me and my wife went to the races over the weekend. I let my wife read the comments and she now see's things a little diferent. For now I went back to what worked for me as I had some left over until I decide what to do. I don't really want to call my M.D. about this as I think he will think I am crazy but I think I will have to. When I do this should I bring my left over teva brand and give it to him and tell him to write me a script and just fill it and pay for it if I can't convince my ins. to pay for the refills? This really ***** I was woried about this for some time now and am just pretty mad that everything was going good and now this bull. Any more inpute will be helpfull and I will keep you posted.
                                                     Thank You,
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Ryan, one of the best posts I've ever seen.  Way cool.
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I thought I had good news but found out today that I have bad news. I called my ins. the other day and they said all I have to do is have my doc. call in the script and state what brand he wants me on and they would fill it. I was so happy! Then today the ins. calls me and tells me that the brand I was on that worked so good for me for almost 2 years (PurePac) has pulled its line of clonazepam. This is pretty bad news for me and deffinetly doesn't help with my anxiety or panic. I have no clue what to do or try now. Any advise would help!
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You know, I went to Walgreens the other day and they couldn't get clonazepam 1mg, so I went back to CVS -- I was going to switch pharmacies.  This may explain it.
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