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Clonazepam withdrawal after two pills

Hello dear friends,

I have social anxiety disorder only when I have to go and do some performance related activity or be scrutinized or go through an interview.

I was prescribed clonazepam to use when needed. I got only 10 pills, 0.5 mg each.

I took 0.25 mg just to try and see if it agrees with my body and it was fine. 12 hours later I took 0.5 mg.

It seemed to make me drowsy which is fine, then I came across klonazepam warnings on the Internet. I stopped abruptly even though I took 0.75 mg overall over 24 hours.

It has been almost a week and I have been having some trouble falling asleep and a slight weird feeling. Maybe I am worrying or exaggerating.

Is is possible that you get withdrawal after only two doses???

Thank you!!!!
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It is absolutely impossible for you to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms after taking less than 1mg of clonazepam. You are indeed worrying for nothing and exaggerating whatever you're feeling. AND I can pretty much guarantee it's from reading the symptom sites on the Net. You really must stop doing that.
The difficulty you're having falling asleep could be due to holiday stress or some other stressor(s) in your life at the moment. The "weird" feeling could be a cold or the flu coming on, too many cookies and nogs.........
Let it go for the holidays and after things calm down, have another discussion with your doctor about your SAD. It's very possible you could overcome it with therapy and not need any medication at all.
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Thank you,

your kind words made me feel better already.
Perhaps I was exaggerating..or blowing things out of proportion.

I will try Xanax next week with Propranolol for my appeal I am fighting for at the university for a group of students.

Thank you greatly.
Have a good holiday season.
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