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Clonodine and Propolonol

Hi everyone.

My doctor wants to try me on a low dose of Clonidine and Propolonol for my GAD(Anxiety). I am a bit nervous about any new drugs. Has anyone tried this for this issue?

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Any time we go on a new medication, there is a risk associated of side effects.  Have you been on other medications for GAD?  Is there a reason he is making a choice of these two meds?  Propranlonol is a beta blocker and used for short term things like social anxiety.  Like if you have to do a big presentation or speech and are nervous--  people can take this and it gets them through that.  This seems like a very odd choice for generalized anxiety disorder.   Clonodine is a drug for lowering blood pressure but it has gotten other indications of anxiety and panic disorder.  It probably isn't used as a first line med though.  So, again, this brings me around to wondering if you've been on other medications previously and what the result was.  Both have side effects associated and we can talk about that if you are interested.  But more of your history would be helpful too.  
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You need to see a psychologist and get properly diagnosed, and see a psychiatrist to get proper medication if that's what you want to do about it.  Your doctor does not sound very informed to me.  I agree with Mom, this is a very odd combination for GAD.
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