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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Has anyone else tried this on-line learning course for Cognitive Behavior Therapy?  It's run by the Scottish National Health Service, and I've found it useful.


You have to register (it's free), and then start running the "Starting Out" module.

I think I should talk with a real therapist, but this was at least a good way to start, and it certainly spoke to my concerns and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.
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Nope I haven't tried the online course although I have had CBT to help with my anxiety.
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I have not tried it eother but I am currently going to a therapist who is using the CBT model. It has helped me a lot. I would reccomend talking to a real therapist. You did well by getting general info about GAD. Now, go the next step and make an appoinment with a recommended therapist. Keep talking on the forum and keep us informed on how you are doing.

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