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*Constant* Chest Pain from Anxiety?

Does anyone have this for a symptom??  It's horrible, feels like I'm going to drop dead from a heart attack at any second during the day.  Have had multiple tests with Dr., said I have anxiety - put me on Celexa (3 mo's now) but it has done nothing.  Tried breathing exercises, meditation, etc - none of that stuff helps.  And can't really exercise because I'm scared I'll drop dead!  Please help, this is ruining my life, hurting my marriage and my job.  The chest pain is very real and painful to me, but the Doc is telling me it's a chemical imbalance and basically all in my head...   ???
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I have had that same problem. It comes and goes for me. I usually rub that area on my chest and when i feel that I can feel that, I know that i am going to be ok. I hope that makes sense to you. If the Celexa is not working by now I would try a different med. It may take awhile to find the meds that work for you.   I hope this helps.
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What kind of chest pain is it?  I ask because I had chest pains and swore I was going to have a heart attack, but I have GERD and gallbladder issues.  I take meds for the gerd and it has made my chest pains dissapear.  Have you been tested for GERD-acid reflux?  
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No, but that is my next step.  To try and get referred to a GI specialist.  Could you please tell me what types of tests you had done to determine what medicines and treatments you ended up using to clear up your chest pain? (upper GI, endoscopy???)

My chest pain/pressure is under my left pectoral, feels like it's in my ribs, sometimes it hurts when I touch it, sometimes it doesn't.  They're calling it "Non-specific Chest pain", that's why the anxiety diagnosis.  I guess I'm bad at describing it.  I have this "gummy" feeling all the time in the left side of my chest, like something is ripped, it's very annoying and hard to ignore, I think about it all day, always clutching my chest and taking deep breaths to see if my lungs are still working!  I feel like I'm crazy.

I'm taking Prilosec now, but it's not doing anything to help the chest pain.  What medicine are you on that is helping you with yours?  Thanks!!
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Do you drink a lot of caffiene?  I had chest discomfort that was on the lower left side of my chest everyday.  It was particularly bad when I worked out.  However, I reduced my caffiene intake, and it subsided.  It sucks because I love coffee, but I can make it through my workouts now without having that setback.
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I have had the endoscopy and all of the heart test to rule out it being anything associated w/cardiac care.  Now I will tell you that while the chest pains have basically dissapeared I still get the pain under my ribs quite often-on left side and right.  But of course when it happens on our left side you get more concerened-I know.  I am on aciphex for my gerd-it's prescribed and it has worked wonders.  I'm not kidding, in the beginning I actually went to the ER for chest pains and they found nada relating to my heart, but they did find gallstones, and this was before all of my other symptoms.  I really did feel like I was going out of my mind because the pain would not go away but all the test were coming back negative.

Now I have never noticed that if I touch my left side it hurts, but I CAN relate to the pain under the ribs.  You know gas will make you feel like that also, and I suffer from that as well.  
Yes, you need to see a GI so they can let you know what's going on.
Also, and I am sure you are tired of hearing this, but stress will make you feel pains where you would least expect it.
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Thanks for all the comments, yes, I'm sure it is related to stress now, initially I just thought I was having a heart problem and also went to the ER twice, once in an ambulance!  Hard to believe stress can cause you so much *pyhsical* pain and anguish.  I do drink a lot of coffee and find that harder to quit then some of these meds.  I just need to go see the GI, cut the coffee, and try to eliminate stress from my life and hopefully I will slowly start to feel better.

I feel sorry for everyone on this board going through this kind of stuff, it's the craziest thing, to feel constantly ill but have every test come back negative.  And every doctor telling you that you're ok.  If I start to feel better I will try and come back and help out with any information.  Thanks again.  Hang in there everyone.
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i am experienceing the same exact things. im starting to think i have apinched nerve.
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My doctor also says the chest pain is from a anxiety..Usually its not to bad unless I am under extra stess then I would swear I am going to die..My chest hurts, I feel short of breath and it feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest..It is very scary feeling that way..Also sometime its like I can actually see the walls moving in towards me..I think that is the worst feeling of all for me..
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Dont feel alone everyday of my life i feel as if im going to drop dead or basically just lose my mind.My Doctor and therapist both tell me my chest pain and general body aches are all related to anxiety.Im 33 yo male with 3 children and this has affected my home life and career but i hide it well so no one thinks im a nut but inside im just going insane with fear all day 24,7.Last time i saw my physician she said i may have gerd so she prescribed something that at this point has done nothing to relieve chest pain only thing that works is the kolonopin that works for a while but it always comes back i just have a hard time believeing that anxiety or stress can cause such a heavy feeling in the chest all the time makes you wonder in the doctors no what their talking about or is that just the anxiety way of thinking.GL to you and your not alone!
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I feel the same thing! I thought I was alone for so long. I am 18. I get chest pains too and feel like I cant breath and think I am going to have a heart attack but I am so young and healthy because I have been to doctors too and have gotten a chest x-ray and 2 EKGs and blood and everything is fine. Sometimes I look at walls too and they look like they are moving toward me. This is all so weird out of this world. But I am happy to know that there are other people out there going through the same things
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My chest pain was constant, it turned out to be just from anxiety. Mine was either the muscle in that area being tense or my stomach acid irritating that area. Try a different med, my chest pain was no longer constant after a night in the ER and a dose of lorazepam. Look up vitamin B3 for anxiety too, I take a B complex supplement and it seems to help my nervous system stay calm, apparently it works just like Valium in the brain. If you need to take a med during emergencies go ahead, but try to stay away from them otherwise. I am improving week after week, it has been a month so far. You will get out of this, just keep the nutrition up and try to just go about life with your symptoms, it helps a ton when you stop fearing it and begin to accept it. You will realize that the fear makes itself worse. Good luck
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OMG! For 7 months now I have been in constant pain due to anxiety.  I have chest pain that moves all around my rib cage area, front, back & sides.  I also suffer from extreme stomach aches and cramps.  I have presented at hospital emergancy around 5 times convinced that I was dying.  I have had extensive tests run from everything like heart problems, stomach ulcers, reflux, urine infections, IBS and more.  It has cost  me thousands of dollars searching for the problem only to discover that it was anxiety.  This was a theory we initally crossed but being a disbeliever of this sort of thing I blew it off.  I have tried all kinds of anxiety med's but most of them have a counter reaction and cause more pain than relief.  I have been to a massage/meditation guru and this has helped a little.  I watch my diet and eat plenty of fish and vegies.  I wish I could say that I have found something that works but I haven't as yet.  This is effecting my whole life also.  It effects my relationship as I am always too sore to have sex.  It effects my work as I have to take time off when the pain reaches it highest point.  I am drinking too much alcohol to try and sedate myself enough to go to sleep at night. I am at breaking point after more that 7 months of constant pain and I am ready to try anything to make it STOP!  
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