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Constant Lightheadedness! help needed

20 yr old male. For as long as i can remember i have been a pretty shy kid, nervous for speeches and taking to new people and stuff like that. But anyways long story short back in 2009 I was waiting for gym class to start so i walked out of the locker room and took a seat against the wall. As soon as i sat down i suddenly became very lightheaded. I got up and and drug myself to the water fountain hoping it would help but it didn't change anything. I felt as is i was going to faint and could hardly stand up. I got picked up by my dad and went home sick that day. Ever since the feeling never went away. I had the constant feeling that i was going to pass out and couldn't go back to school. I would lay on the couch all day everyday for about 2 months. I went to every doctor imaginable and go every test done. Ct scan, blood test, heart checks and monitors, tested for vertigo, ear nose and throat specialist and none of them found anything. I began to just try to deal with it and go outside and walk and basically pretend it wasn't there and eventually it came to the point where i was able to return to school but the lightheadedness never did completely subside, just became bearable.

5 years later here in 2014 i was at a normal day of work by myself nobody else around when the lightheadedness hit me full blast again. I immediately ran out of work and had to have my girlfriend pick me up and drive me to the ER. They dismissed me saying everything seemed fine.

I then went to the cardiologist who did the full checkup and didn't suspect any cardiac issues and recommended me to a neurologist. So.. a week later at the neurologist, all i got was that he thought it was migraines and put me on atenolol (beta blockers) to see if that helped. A week later i didn't feel any change so i went to my normal doctor and she said i seemed very anxious which I'm sure i was because i have been feeling lightheaded 24/7 for weeks now. She the prescribed me .5 mg a day of clonazepam which shockingly took away a bit of the lightheadedness, but still not enough that i am able to drive. I still sit home every day unable to walk or drive.

A few weeks later i got in for an MRI which came back clear other than slight matter in the frontal lobe which both doctors seem to think would be from the migraines. The thing is i don't think i get migraine headaches. Yes the occasional headache or sharp pains in my head but they never last too long.

I get occasional chest pains, heavy heart beat that doesn't seem to be irregular just heavy where i can usually feel it painlessly in my head when i lay down for bed, my blood pressure sometimes measures around 135/80 but I'm not sure if thats cause of my anxiety at the doctors or what. The lightheadedness is much worse when walking around stores or trying to eat in restaurants. I get occasional jolts of light that take over my vision and scare me quite a bit which usually happens when I'm watching tv or trying to play video games.

I really don't know what it is and the doctors don't seem to know either. Lightheaded 24/7 unable to work or have a normal life!

any help is appreciated.
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Hang in their I went thru this lightheaded faze for a while to this feeling of being like underwater it ***** but it went away as I controlled my anxiety but still get them every once in a while, hope this helps
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did you go through it for months at a time? it's hard to beleive its anxiety related when I never had anxiety and don't feel anxious
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On n off for a couple of months if your not anxious maybe its depression"??
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Or they could be panic attacks you said u left work after you got terribly light headed maybe wats happening is your jst waiting for the next episode n that causes u to panic whatever it may b I hope you get better man
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yeah idk man it's not like panic attacks cause it's there 24/7 and I wasnt in panic when it started just quite relaxed at work honestly then it hit me, but thanks for the input I appreciate it
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