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Constant Shortness of Breath among other things - can anxiety cause this?

Hi i’m 20 years old and I have anxiety but it has only caused stomach pains and nausea for the most part. I’ve mostly been able to manage it. No medication.

About five weeks ago i had a medical scare that ended with me in an ambulance and admitted into a hospital. They diagnosed me with fatigue. I was scared I was going to die the whole time because I was feeling faint and my eyes wouldn’t focus and i was super tired. Anxiety and fear persisted for two days.  Two days later I woke up nauseas and short of breath. Chest pain started the next day. Ive also had a bubbling stomach, Heart palpitations, weakness, dehydration, etc.

Numerous Blood work, two chest x rays, an echo dopplar and 24 hour holter monitor didn’t detect anything. A spirometer lung function test found that i had some air trappings which my physician has attributed to mild asthma. He has concluded that my constant short of breath, faintness, palpitations, chest pain, body pain, throat mucus,  chills, stomach aches, etc can be attributed to a combination of mild asthma, acid reflux, and anxiety/depression. However, I feel like this is more serious then those things as the symptoms are constant and only really relieved when I am asleep. All i can think about now is my symptoms because they are always present. I‘ve never had depression before but i am rapidly developing it during this situation. I’ve never had anxiety attacks or panic attacks before to my recollection.

What do you guys think?
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We're not medical professionals, so nobody here can really say what's going on.  As a long-time anxiety sufferer, I would say this sounds pretty extreme to be caused by anxiety.  A question I would ask is, before this event did something happen that might have triggered a massive anxiety reaction?  Were you thinking severely anxious thoughts, and they would have to be pretty crippling thoughts, very intense, to cause such a reaction, when this happened?  Anxiety is a thinking disease, though the cause isn't really known.  If you don't think anxious thoughts, you aren't anxious.  It often seems to start out of nowhere when you do start to get panic attacks, but you say you weren't having panic attacks before this started, but when you trace things back you generally do find you had them before, if less intensely and on a more episodic basis.  In short, anxiety always goes along with anxious thoughts, and to have such an extreme physiological reaction the anxious thoughts would have to be very very powerful.  And you say that didn't happen, which would lead me to say, find other docs for second opinions to make sure there's nothing physiological going on.  I would also ask if you started taking any new medications before this happened, such as a bout of steroids.  Look for triggers for extreme anxiety, and if there are none, it's highly possible it's not anxiety.  You can be an anxious person and still get other problems not caused by it.  Were you tested at least 3 time for covid?
Anxiety and depression go hand in hand feeding off each other in a vicious escalating circle so it is a natural feeling to be depressed when you fear your health is at risk which in turn escalates the anxiety. If you can find a way to manage the anxiety the dep might disappear too. " I feel like this is more serious then those things ...." is an indicator that you need to find a way to relax, although I'm not saying it will be easy since it is different for different people.
One heartening fact to keep in mind is the docs did a lot of testing and didn't really find anything seriously wrong with you, so consider the possibility that you are over analyzing your body during this time of anxiety and if you stop doing that you might find some of the symptoms disappear or don't really exist. I doubt all these diverse things just occurred at once you and created some disease or medical condition so perhaps some of them are not really as problematic as you are worried they are. "constant short of breath, faintness, palpitations, chest pain, body pain, throat mucus,  chills,"
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Im sorry you ate going through this. I have acid reflux ehich causes at times shortness of breath, chest pains, lump in throat, mucous in throat, hoarseness, i also have a small hiatle hernia that sometimes pushes up causing these  things. Anxiety makes everything worse. Right now i am going through high pulse scare. It was high at dr visit. Now its all i can think about which in turn makes it worse. Im trying meditations, comedy, and just keepung my mind occupied. For shortness of breath i was told that excersise or just running for awhile helps. Tell yourself this will not kill you. You are fine. It sounds like you were tested for alot of things. And they are normal. Maybe talk to dr again
They can give you somethong im sure. But try and take comfort in knowing you are not alone.
Do keep in mind that acid reflux is a digestive disorder which can be fixed by finding a way of eating that suits you.  It can't be fixed by taking medication, which can make symptoms better temporarily but if taken over a long period of time will make it worse.  Other meds can cause it, and when anything is caused by a medication is harder to bring back to normal.  Anxiety not only makes everything worse, it can also be the cause of reflux and all sorts of things, although it's not always the cause of things.  Nobody should condemn themselves to a lifetime of reflux, as there are things one can do that might fix it.  
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UPDATE (10/17): more testing has been done... I saw an ENT and they found nothing but a little redness in my throat. I'm going to have allergy testing next week and another spirometer test. I also had another chest x ray and a V/Q lung scan (which came back negative for pulmonary embolism). I had blood work which discovered I have a blood clotting gene mutation (which is not the cause of my current problems) and on Thursday I had CT scans with contrast  of my chest, abdomen and pelvis which found nothing. That being said , I still feel super sick and am worried I have some rare or undiagnosed disease or something neurological cause the chest pain persists, the stomach pain persists, the shortness of breath persists - all of my symptoms persist despite the doctors saying that all I have is acid reflux, mild asthma, and anxiety.
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